There’s That Feeling From The 2016 Election Again, This Time It Will Be Good For Gold & Silver

SD Friday Wrap: Does anybody else get this feeling? If so, here’s why it means gold & silver prices will soon start surging higher…

Does anybody else get the feeling that the 2020 Democratic Nomination Race has the feel of the 2016 Republican Nomination Race?

How so?

Well, everybody poked fun at Candidate Trump.

And then it got serious.


And now?

Everybody is poking fun at the crazy things the Democrats are saying, and it reminds me of the same way Candidate Trump was, and is, made fun of to this very day.

What’s different this time?

Well, Gold Bugs and Silver Bugs thought that a Trump Presidency would be “good for gold”.

No need to rehash my thoughts on the subject here.

This time, however, the 2020 Democratic nominee will certainly be “good for gold”.

How so?

Well, apparently the United States is going full socialist, and that is an environment where gold shines.

You see, the democrats are looking to make government even bigger and more intrusive, all at an even faster rate than this is being done now.

And the only protection against that is the only protection that is totally private, portable, universal, and all that good stuff, and is both totally safe and secure when stored properly, as in “in one’s own possession” or the old “if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it” kind-of way.

Here’s an example of the “poking-fun” at the Dems, the top two Zero Hedge articles from this morning:

Remember, it’s all fun and games until…

…what the heck is it they say, anyway?


Doesn’t matter.

What matters is I’m going to stop there because I don’t want to get labeled some kind of hater or basher.

I’m not either.

If anything, I have been consistent in my opinion that the United States is the Titanic, and it struck the iceberg several hours ago.

Many hours ago.

I will sway this, however, and no, I’m not claiming this is some special skill or something, and it’s not even really a gift either, for it’s really just an idiot with dumb luck, because when you don’t watch TV, movies, sports, listen to radio, follow the mainstream, etcetera, you tend to see things before others see them because you are not perpetually shell-shocked from the constant Deep State Globalists’ brainwashing propaganda of over-stimulation of the trivial.

In other words, First came the Trump jokes, and everybody was so sure of a Hillary win, and then came the Trump victory.

Right now?

The Dem jokes, and everybody is so sure of a Trump win.

And then?

If one of the Dems surges “in the polls”, high above the others, and is subject to the same type of joking as Trump was, and if said Dem is more socialist than the others, then I expect the move into gold & silver to begin well before the election, and it’s already beginning now as evidenced by the break-out above $1400.

Does anybody else think this way?

Said differently, If Obama was the “best gun salesman, ever”, well, if the Dem I’m referring to “wins” the presidency in 2020, they will be the “best gold salesman, ever”.

Not that I think the votes are counted, however.

Nor do I think politicians are “elected”.

Just some food for thought.

That will matter.



This could be a bull wedge/flag/pennant thingy forming on gold’s daily chart:

Someone emailed me saying they were confused as to how I was talking about gold being both “oversold” and “overbought” at the same time, and that’s understandable because I have a hard enough time trying to explain anything, let alone the gold “market”.

I was trying to make the point from both the “speculator” and the “cartel” perspectives.

Here’s what I mean: Gold is “overbought” in a sense of the RSI. Gold is also overbought in the sense of bullishness, the mainstream raising an eyebrow, and everybody rushing-in to get a piece of the action.

Gold is “oversold” in the sense that the corrupt cartel has sold a crap-ton of naked-shorts into the gold “market”, and since they have a government/central bank printing press to sell unlimited paper contracts into the “market”, the cartel has time on its side, leveraged by the unlimited funds to naked-short gold.

In other words, sooner or later, everybody who would be organically buying into this rally has already bought, but the buying and selling was not conducted by legitimate market forces but by dumping paper gold onto the market, so at one point, all of this short-selling and rise in open interest means gold is “oversold” as far as the paper gold that’s been fed into the rally.

Either way, being both oversold from the cartel’s point of view (bearish) and overbought from the speculators’ point of view (bearish), it seems we are set for a decline sooner or later.

I’m just not so sure.

Is there a curve-ball?

A monkey-wrench?

Why yes, there is.

You see, physical gold, believe it or not, is actually a thing, and the less people hang out in the vile, corrupt and evil casino, and the more people just simply buy the actual, physical metal, the sooner the suppression ends.

Greed is quite the motivating force, however, and so the game goes on.

And on.

And it will go on until it won’t, so if we don’t get the big-time sentiment-crushing smash soon, then we are most likely seeing the turn in the market we’ve been waiting for, the turn which lets us know the cartel is at the threshold of not being able to deliver onto its paper commitments.

We’ll see.

Can they smash?




But can they smash forever?


They may have unlimited paper, but they do not have unlimited physical gold.

The next few weeks will be critical, especially as we approach the dog days of summer, which if the cartel can, we can rest assured knowing they will be looking to offer us a sale on the metals.

The gold-to-silver ratio is still above 90:

We were well above 94 at one point this week, and you know what they say about not looking 94 gift horses in the mouth?

They say “don’t do it”.

Silver looks pretty bullish to me right now:

Both major moving averages are turning-up, and the white metal looks to be putting-in a higher low, which would be the second.


Check out platinum’s move to close-out the week:

Year-to-date, platinum is now in the green.

I’m looking for palladium to catch a bid soon:

I’m liking the support palladium is building at $1500 as well.

Crude oil is nearly priced at $60 a barrel:

If the charts matter, however, there is some pretty nasty resistance at various levels between $60 and $70.

Copper is still building its support at $2.70:

I’m looking for some moves in copper like the move we saw today in platinum.

With the G-20 meeting this weekend, there is plenty of opportunity for the dollar to either drop or pop come Monday:

Next week might be a good week for the Deep State Globalists to begin walking the dollar down, however, with most Americans’ minds on the upcoming holiday.

Yield on the 10-Year Note looks like it wants to drop and stay blow 2.0%:

Of course, this has been expected all year long.

The VIX has basically marked-time all week:

I think the VIX is being worked into an allowable range that is just to either side of 15.

It’s almost as if they’re waiting for something, but what could it be?

No new all-time high in the sock market this week:

I’m sure, however, that the appropriate narrative will be spewed this weekend for whatever direction the cartel wants to take the “market” next week.

What is the bottom line as we head into this beautiful weekend at the end of June?

Enjoy the weekend because it seems it will be carefully scripted.

Which means less action but more drama, so to say.

I’m expecting some “trial balloons” to be floated.

And seeds to be planted for the rest of 2019.

If the poking fun of the Dems escalates.

We may be seeing an epic set-up.

And it is giving me that feeling.

The same feeling as before.

People made fun of me.

Even my own family.

I was right in 2008.

Was right in ’16.

Here it comes.

That feeling.


So far.


Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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U.S. Army Iraq War Combat Veteran Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart has an AS in Information Systems and Security from Western Technical College and a BA in Spanish from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Paul dived into gold & silver in 2009 as a natural progression from the prepper community. He is self-studied in the field of economics, an active amateur trader, and a Silver Bug at heart.

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