Ted Butler: JP Morgan Perfectly Positioned For MASSIVE Gold & Silver BULL RUN

JP Morgan has covered their epic short positions and gone massively long! Here’s what comes next…

Ted Butler interviewed by Dunagun Kaiser on Reluctant Preppers

Is the current breakout of gold and silver destined to confirm a massive bull run for precious metals in the face of coordinated monetary easing by the world’s central banks? And who stands to gain the most in the months and years to come?

After a decade of highly controversial actions resulting in precious metals spot prices held near production cost, and more recent world-record physical accumulation by world central banks, JP Morgan has amassed the largest silver holding in history. Now, according to legendary silver analyst Ted Butler of ButlerResearch.com, JP Morgan has at last completed covering their epic short positions, has gone fully long now, and is perfectly positioned to make incredible profits with the launch of an extended bull run in both gold and silver.