Tech Bubble 2.0 May Now Be GAME OVER: Only TWO PEOPLE Show Up for iPhone 8

The retail apocalypse continues. Sure, Apple may have been prepping by stockpiling “currency”, but that only lasts so long. Knowledge is just as important for economic collapse, and it looks like the tech giant has completely ignored this minor detail… 

from Zero Hedge

Confirming reports that reception for Apple’s newly launched iPhone 8 may be “underwhelming” to put it lightly, as the phone provides little if any material improvement over its lower-priced predecessor even as sales for hardcore fans will be cannibalized by the iPhone X, is the following report from Hangzhou, China which shows that all of 2 people were waiting in line for the latest gizmo from Tim Cook.




As Chinese media reports, summarized by David Kersten, “note the barricades for the anticipated queue…



… that had to be put away because only 2 people showed up.”



Some more details:

I’ve C&P’d this article, clumsily translated by Google, because, being from a Chinese site, it doesn’t adapt well to the Facebook environment, however, the link is provided as are the pictures.

“Embarrassing! IPhone 8 today, Hangzhou, security guards are busy removing the fence.

September 22, the Bank of China iPhone 8 officially opened in the major channels. Hangzhou Apple West Lake shop, more than six in the morning to thirty or forty security. Black fence posture full of a row of rows, turn a few 90 degrees bend. 8:00 to open the door, the door on the two line up. 8:43 security guards began to withdraw fence …

According to Hong Kong media, and the mainland, Hong Kong, Apple shop customers have no more employees.”


With the iPhone 8 a dud, at least in China, AAPL longs are hoping that the reception for the iPhone X in a few weeks will be notably more enthusiastic, or else Apple may have a major problem on its hands.