Imperiled Liberties: Surveillance, 5G, A Controlled MSM & Lost 2nd Amendment

Do we really have any privacy, and can we trust the mainstream media & government statistics?

by Dunagun Kaiser with John Whitehead via Reluctant Preppers

Do you really own your own home? Are your taxes constitutional? Do you have any privacy left? Can you trust the mainstream press and government statistics?

John Whitehead, founder of the Rutherford Institute, constitutional attorney who for nearly 40 years has fought cases all the way to the Supreme Court, joins Finance & Liberty and Reluctant Peppers this first time for a scorching survey of unconstitutional actions against our imperiled liberties.

Whitehead outlines what we can still do to reclaim our sovereignty and protect our families! Don’t miss this one! …

You might need to listen to it twice to get all the rapid-fire facts and hard-hitting issues!