SURGING PRICE INFLATION: What Everyone Misses About The US Postal Service Scandal

Since 2016, USPS First Class (1oz) has gone up over 17%, but the MSM is full of Deflationist Shills & Fed Apologists, so just ignore that pesky little fact…

In 2016, the cost of a basic stamp was $0.47.

In 2020, the cost of a basic stamp is now 0.55.

And it’s a good thing they are “forever” stamps too, because the idiocy of having to use an assortment of $0.01, $0.03, and $0.05 stamps would be ridiculous.

And yes, they make stamps in those denominations and more.

For now.

Still, in 2020, for the cost of a First Class Letter (1oz), we’re paying over 17% more for postage than we did in 2016.

No inflation huh?

In my opinion, price inflation is crushing American families whose wages no longer keep up, if wage earners in American families are still meaningfully employed, that is.

Here’s the problem: Money is supposed to be a tool.

A measure.

That is to say, the US Constitution requires our money to be defined in very specific weights and purities of silver and gold.

But our elected “leaders” have become bloated and corrupt, and so they’ve destroyed one of the important of all human tools – Money.

What if the government did this with other tools, like a ruler?

Imagine DIY Homebuilder building himself a house, to code, and the government inspector comes and says, “sorry sir, this house is not build to code”, and to that DIY Homebuilder says, “well, it says 12 inches, and that’s exactly the distance”, and to that, Mr Bloated Government Inspector says, “yes, but we changed the definition of 12 inches, so now what was 12 inches yesterday is now 13 today, so you’re actually off on your measurement by one inch”, to which, DIY Homebuilder responds, “i’ll fix it, just give me a week”, and a week later, when Mr. Bloated Government Inspector comes back to re-inspect, MR DIY Homebuilder learns that the definition of 12 inches, now actually measuring 13 inches, has changed once again, and it was reduced ever so slightly this time, to actually mean 12.75 inches, all the while calling it 12, so DIY Homebuilder is out of code once again, and so on, and so forth, forever and ever.

Only, it’s not forever and ever.

Here’s what it is: It is the death of Unconstitutionally un-backed, debt-based fiat currency dependent on exponential, unsustainable growth.

It happens every time.

And it just so happens that it’s now the US dollar’s time.

The US Constitution requires a bi-metallic Gold & Silver standard for a reason.

If the US survives in its current form, which is sadly doubtful, we Americans will get back to Gold & Silver, but only after very much pain.

If the US doesn’t survive in its current form, we Humans of the Former USA are still going back to Gold & Silver, but only after very much pain.

Why only after very much pain?

Because it’s part of our being – much in the same way that baby sea turtles hatch on the beach and instinctively know how to get to the ocean.

Humans, instinctively, know that gold & silver are money, but since government is bloated and corrupt, our elected “leaders” and public “servants” won’t do the right thing until the right thing simply happens out of force.

And that will be only after very much pain.

Dang shame.

Gold is currently priced around $1975 per ounce:

And since there are infinite numbers between “0” and “1”, the US dollar doesn’t even have to go to absolute zero to be worthless.

It will become worthless long before then.

Silver is currently priced above $27 per ounce:

It’s funny because people say, “you don’t want to see a world where silver costs six hundred bucks”, but understand that when people say that, what they really mean is “I’d rather have the suffering continue to be long and drawn out because I’m afraid of change in my life”.

The paper Gold-to-Silver Ratio is starting the week in the lower 70s:

If the price of silver has been suppressed, for decades, then the gold-to-silver ratio is really about to start tanking.

Palladium is to the SouthSide of $2200 to start the week:

I like the nice gentle slope-up of the 50-day moving average because palladium has repeatedly come down to use it as support over the years, although since we are talking about the death of fiat currencies in their current form, including the US dollar, once the flight to safety is on, well, let’s just say the slope-up won’t be gentle anymore.

Platinum’s “golden cross” is all sorts of bullish:

Platinum, in my opinion, has a lot of catching-up to do to the other three, percentage-wise.

Copper is standing its ground:

By refusing to crash in spectacular fashion, copper is signaling commodities price inflation is here.

Of course, crude oil is a different animal altogether:

Crude oil is to the economy as calories are to the body.

That said, the dynamics between how much gets burned and how much gets stored are still apparently working themselves out.

The VIX looks like the inverse of crude oil, post market chaos:

Here’s the question: Why would the cartel not want more fear in the markets, especially when there appears to be so little?

The “when”, however, is something known only by those on the inside:

If I had to guess as far as the “when” goes, I’d say it will be when the so-called Robinhood Traders have spent their very last unemployment dollar to go all-in on stocks on the long side.

Contrary to the contrarians, I still think the pressure is for lower yields:

Why would it not be when the cartel is the bidder of last, and first, resort?

The bottom could really fall out of the dollar this week:

Until the bottom falls out, however, enjoy them while they’re still relatively strong.

Bottom line as we find ourselves here this beautiful Monday in mid-August?

The price of First Class postage is proof of the very high price inflation.

And it’s a dang shame because Main Street could learn about it.

But since the MSM is full of shills & apologists, they won’t.

Main Street will simply be left alone in the dark.

Not knowing why they are utterly broke.

Or knowing why they can’t keep up.

Problem is the dollar’s corrupt.

It’s no longer the same tool.

It will be a tool yet again.

But those who wait?

Economic Misery?

Financial Ruin?

Not just that.

But more.



Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


About the Author

U.S. Army Iraq War Combat Veteran Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart has an AS in Information Systems and Security from Western Technical College and a BA in Spanish from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Paul dived into gold & silver in 2009 as a natural progression from the prepper community. He is self-studied in the field of economics, a former amateur trader, and a Silver Bug at heart.

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