Surge In Pillaging & Looting After Hurricane Dorian Proves Society Will Not Be Civil After Collapse

Many areas descended into a “war zone” as desperate people are willing to take desperate measures…

by Ethan Huff of Natural News

(Natural News) While most of the United States mainland thankfully averted the worst from the recent Hurricane Dorian catastrophe, the Bahamas, as you probably know, did not fare so well. The worst-hit areas of the Caribbean nation quickly exploded into mass chaos after the hurricane passed, with reports of pillaging, looting, and vandalism – all of which are a near certainty should a natural disaster or societal collapse one day occur on our own shores.

Reports indicate that many areas of the Bahamas descended into “war zone” after the hurricane finally left the area, leaving people stranded and desperate, and willing to do almost anything to survive. And it is always important to remember that things would be no different here in America, as desperate people are willing to take desperate measures in order to feed themselves, as one example.

“It’s just total devastation … there’s nothing left,” one woman told the media as she was trying to leave the island. “People are starting to panic … pillaging, looting, trying to shoot people for food,” she added.

There will be much to do there for a very long time to come, as a Category 5 hurricane hovering over the same place for hours on end, which is what Hurricane Dorian did over the Grand Bahamas, is no laughing matter. It also serves as a warning to Americans to prepare, even when the “experts” say not to worry because everything will be just fine.

In truth, it does not matter if it is a Third World country like the Bahamas, or a First World country like the United States – a collapse is a collapse, and it is almost never orderly in any way, shape, or form.

When desperation and survival instincts kick in, people are willing to do just about anything to maintain continuity in their lives. This means that, in a worst-case scenario, it will very likely be every man for himself – which begs the question: Are you prepared?

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Don’t EVER think you can rely on government to save you or your family during an emergency

One advantage that Third World countries have over First World countries when it comes to disaster preparedness is that Third World people tend to better recognize the fact that the government is certainly not going to be around to help them when everything hits the fan. This is why they are often better equipped to handle them compared to First World people, which are often lulled into a false sense of security.

We hear about how agencies like FEMA are called in, along with first responders and others, to help following domestic disasters. We hear announcements of states of emergency, and our politicians get up on stage and read scripts about how everything is completely under control, and that nobody should worry.

But in Third World countries like the Bahamas, national leaders get up there and cry because they know that weather is serious, and oftentimes there is nothing a person can do to avoid it. This is a distinction that needs to be emphasized, especially in the U.S. where too many people have adopted a false sense of security about being almost impervious to the devastating impacts of a potential collapse.

This is why Natural News continues to emphasize the importance of personal preparedness, and learning how to survive a worst-case scenario or societal meltdown. We can assure you that the government will not be able to help you, should one occur, nor will there be any civility to what comes next. So take caution, and perform due diligence in getting prepared now while you still have the chance.

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