Just like the flu or HIV didn’t disrupt supply chains, neither can the novel coronavirus.  But blaming the virus is…

 by Mac Slavo of SHTFplan

A lot of articles out there are titled something like “the coronavirus disrupted supply chains.”  That headline is intentionally misleading.  As we know by now, the mainstream media is doing what they can to keep us all in a constant state of fear so the elites can finish enslaving us all.

Just like the flu or HIV didn’t disrupt supply chains, neither can the novel coronavirus.  But blaming the virus is how the media continues to pump up the fear factor and keep the public subdued about what’s to come, and even beg for their enslavement. The media has been readying the public for additional fear of the “second wave” too.  All of this is important.  The fear of the virus has subsided dramatically and people are figuring our that the food supply is being manipulated by the powers-that-shouldn’t-be to produce even more fear.

The Science of Fear: How The Elitists Use it to Control Us & How to Break Free

Do not fall for it! Now is not the time to be living terrified for any reason! They have shown that it will be used to force humanity to suffer as much as possible.  Instead, know that you can prepare for a food shortage, and work toward self-reliance.  Work within your local community to help those who need it. Localizing some of the preparations will definitely help when the ruling class decides to completely cut off all food.

Prepping For The Upcoming Government-Induced Food Shortages

Have items that can be bartered and make sure you can protect what you have stored.

Don’t fall for the fear, but keep your eyes open.  We all need to know what’s happening so we can protect from it and place the blame where it belongs.

Will It Take Food Shortages For People To Stand Up To Tyranny?

Safety has always been the rallying cry of tyrants and that is no different now.  People all over the world are waking up to what the power-hungry elitists and politicians have done to us for decades, but many are still sleeping. Will it take these orchestrated food shortages to wake them up? Or will they continue down a path of slavery with no hope?

Exposed: Lies, Corruption, & Pay To Keep The Public In a Fear-Induced Panic For Ultimate Control

We actually wouldn’t have a food shortage if it wasn’t being created on purpose to push the public further into a panicked and fearful state.  It’s just too obvious to ignore any longer. -SHTFPlan

Millions Of Of Pigs, Chickens And Cattle Are Being Euthanized While The Media Warns “Shortages” Are Coming

Coronavirus Panic & Fear: The Greatest Mainstream Media Hoax In History

We all need to stand together.  They’ve divided us for years over every little thing until we are left obeying the tyrants that have only ever had their best interests in mind.