Stuck Between a $16.91 Rock and a $17 Hard Place BUT TOMORROW The Fed WILL NOT Be So Kind

The battle continues tonight…

But we can ALL join the fight tomorrow…

We need to break $16.91, but $17 is ready to take the court and he’s fresh and rested.

Let’s all hope $16.89 holds tonight. Silver is looking feisty, and gold, oil, and copper are not budging.

If we can catch a break from here, we can finish the week strong. We need a strong close on the week.

Silver has suffered only one smash this week, coming off a meager “JOLTs” report which showed “everything is awesome” in Joblandia just two days ago.

If we don’t see a silver smash tonight, we can look for strength into Thursday, and while the financial “press” was silent on Charles Evans of Chicago Fed today and his push at reverse-QE, tomorrow, well, there’s this:



And if anybody in close proximity could be so kind as to ask Fed President Dudley a question or two about gold, well then, we would be most interested in his thoughts on the barbarous relic gold.

Perhaps Brian can get us a seat and a 3×5″ index card?