At this point, all it is going to take to see people wipe out the grocery stores again is a politician opening their mouth. Keep in mind that any…

 by Mac Slavo of SHTFplan

Many prepper sites have been warning about the food shortages since the toilet paper panic of March 2020 when the scamdemic’s fear campaign took hold in the minds of millions of Americans. The intentional disruption of the supply chain by most governments worldwide will result in a net shortage of about 8 billion meals.

Most readers of this site are already set.  However, if you don’t have at least 6 months of storable food for every person in your family, you may want to consider getting what you can now.  There is no realistic way to follow this advice because it’s impossible to prepare for everything, but do your best:

Last Minute Prepping Advice: Be Ready For Literally ANYTHING!

The mainstream media has really amped up the “third wave” rhetoric in the past three days. According to Yahoo News,  grocers are a little more prepared this time around and have been stocking “pandemic pallets” of food they can reorder quickly, but some things will still be hard to find.

At this point, all it is going to take to see people wipe out the grocery stores again is a lying politician opening their mouth. Keep in mind that any announcement could be the trigger.

Local food banks are gearing up for a rough winter as far as food shortages go too. A hefty amount of the shortages are due to the government’s commands and dictates during the coronavirus scamdemic. The supply chains will likely never fully recover either.

At other processing plants, production levels declined due to employee absences by workers that had health concerns related to coronavirus. For a few weeks, the U.S. meat processing industry was only operating at 50-60 percent of capacity. Normally, more than 450,000 head of market hogs are processed each day in the U.S., so when daily processing levels dropped by 40 percent, there was quickly a backlog of market hogs. This resulted in the necessity to euthanize hundreds of thousands of market hogs for several weeks. –Crow River Media

Additionally, food prices are expected to skyrocket in the coming months. The finite economic law of supply and demand will come into play. Please don’t get caught off guard.

Remember, we made it clear that most people are unaware of what they should be stocking upon, as they buy all the prepackaged meals and frozen pizzas:

Grocery Stores Are Prepping For the 2nd Wave Of COVID-19 Panic Buying

Use this to your advantage and buy beans, rice, coconut oil, olive oil, and cases of canned goods (don’t forget a can opener.) Let other people have all the frozen pizzas they want. It won’t hurt to grab a few extra rolls of toilet paper right now as you can as well.