Stock Market Most Overvalued EVER

A shockingly painful market correction looms…

Stephanie Pomboy  interviewed by Adam Taggart on Peak Prosperity

Highly-respected economic analyst Stephanie Pomboy of notes that the discrepancy between today’s record financial asset prices and the underlying economy they’re supposed to reflect are the farthest off she’s ever seen in her entire career.

So, like other recent guest experts like Jesse Felder, Jim Bianco and David Hunter, she predicts a shockingly painful market correction looms in the coming months.

But worse than that, she expects that the central banks and their respective government will continue their stimulus expansion, stoking inflation and continuing to worsen society’s accelerating wealth inequality problem.

Which — let’s face it — has become a massive social outrage.

Yes, wealth inequality was very concerning prior to the pandemic. But since? The choices the central planners have made since have only made the problem much, much worse.

That’s disgusting: our response to the pandemic essentially was to make the already-rich substantially richer by taking wealth from those who could least afford to lose it.

The social, economic and financial repercussions to this will be widespread, dangerous, and long-lasting.