Stock Market Hits Record Highs As Globalist Expendables Continue To Drop Like Flies

SD Friday Wrap: If you haven’t noticed, people who can point the fingers and name the names keep dropping like flies, with another one just this week…

Editor’s Note: These charts were set-up around 11:20 a.m. on Friday and do not include price action after that time, unless specifically stated.


Editor’s Side Note: Is it just me, or are all of the people who can point fingers and name names to actually drain the swamp, well, somehow all dying (see Epstein, or Baghdadi, or the latest in the White Helmets Founder), all the while our leaders in Washington are conveniently and thoroughly pre-occupied with this whole impeachment inquiry?


Do Nothing Dems be danged, President Trump’s stock market has hit a fresh new all-time record high, yet again, just today:


Take that Dems!


In reality, however, we need a “nice, big, juicy recession”, and no, I’m not a Democrat.

Nor a Do Nothing.

I simply believe in giving America’s future a fighting chance.

I know, right?

What a stupid belief to hold!

Regardless, until we rid ourselves of this corrupt, evil and financialized bastardization of the economy, there will only be more economic rot and atrophy, and the longer we wait to face our economic reality, the worse America’s economic collapse will be.

What a shame.

Of course, it’s not really a shame if you’re a Deep State Globalist.

What is it then?

The plan.

That’s what.

And if you didn’t catch the news already, President Trump really wants us to know his stock market hit another all-time high today:


Oh man!

So full of Win!

Of course, Deep State Globalists absolutely despise America, so the Heartbeat of America Index has still not joined the all-time record high party:

Honest Question: If President Trump has the Exchange Stabilization Fund at his disposal, which he does have, then why has Trump not ramped the Russell 2000 to new all-time highs, and given the Russell 2000 even better performance than the major indexes made-up of the multi-nationals?

The VIX actually looks like it could rollover here:

This way President Trump can give us the best Christmas that America has ever had.

Yield on the 10-Year Note appears to be rolling over as expected:

Yield on the 10-Year Note rolling over is one of the things we’ve been looking for as an indication gold & silver either have bottomed, or are very close to bottoming, and we discussed this specifically on Wednesday during our live-stream.

We also talked about looking for the DXY to roll over:

If we fall though the 200-day moving average again soon, which I think is likely, that is going to be one bearish looking chart.

Copper may have finally stopped falling after five consecutive days of lower prices:

At this point I’m not looking to double-bottom at $2.50.

Especially if we are on the verge of a crude oil break-out:

We’re getting some pretty serious range contraction, which usually leads to a break-out or a break-down, and I think it will be the former.

Palladium is happily riding its 50-day moving average:

Down 7.3% from its recent high, we’ve got a nice, healthy pullback going on.

Platinum is also making the case the bottom was in on Tuesday:

The bulls must be getting nervous, however, because platinum’s daily chart is ugly as sin, and now it has a lower-low to go along with that lower-high.

The gold-to-silver ratio looks to be rolling over:

If the technicals matter, and if you’re bullish silver, this is exactly the kind of action you want to see.

Let’s not misunderstand it however, because this is important: Even though the gold-to-silver ratio has fallen over the last several months, it is still screaming “buy silver”.

Gold’s got some work cut out for it:

While I do think we bottomed on Tuesday, or we are at least that we are very close to the bottom right now, if gold puts in a close below $1445, then at that point I’d be looking for a 13-handle.

A silver price under $17 is not something we’re going to see for much longer:

That said, since silver has not been hitting record highs in open interest, the cartel, in my opinion, is setting itself up to feed plenty of paper into the next rally so as not to allow prices to rise as sharply as they otherwise would have.

What’s the bottom line as we find ourselves here this beautiful mid-point of November?

President Trump is letting us know about the stock market multiple times per day.

If President Trump is the Fall Guy, he is setting himself up to take the fall.

Meanwhile, we’ve had no mass arrests, no indictments or tribunals.

We only have a circus side show performing in the swamp.

Key witnesses to all the evil Deep State corruption?

It’s weird how they all keep dropping like flies.

Of course, to the swamp, it’s convenient.

And with an impeachment inquiry?

That has everyone distracted?

It’s more than convenient.

It’s called a “cover-up”.

Done in plain sight.

No one cares.

Oh well.


Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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