“Still Plans For Striking Iran on Friday Night” – US Officials

For anyone disappointed the beginning of WW3 was called off withplanes in the air” last night…


“Two US officials and one person familiar with deliberations tell me there are still plans for striking Iran on Friday night, but it’s possible that plan won’t be put into action.”


Last night, as reports emerged that President Trump had issued Stand Down orders while airstrikes against the IRGC were underway, we warned things might not be over yet:

Considering Friday is June 21st- the Summer Solstice- a high holy day for the Satanists who are trying to trigger WW3, don’t be surprised if the world is a completely different place 24 hours from now.

And while this morning Trump tweeted that he called off strikes because he was informed by a general that 150 people would have died:

Vox is reporting that multiple US Officials (Bolton and Pompeo???) stated that
there are still plans for striking Iran on Friday night“.


Conditions appear optimal should Trump’s war cheerleaders be able to convince him to approve a targeted strike:


So buckle up, and make sure you’re ready to meet your maker.  This ain’t over yet.