Steve St. Angelo: The Central Banks Cannot Just Keep On Rigging The Markets Forever

Steve explains why the central banks cannot just prop up the markets indefinitely, and what the end of the rigging means for gold & silver…

by Steve St. Angelo of SRSrocco Report

How insane are the markets today?  Well, it’s always a pleasure to discuss this and other topics with James Howard Kunstler.  Jim and I had a lively conversation about gold, silver, the shale oil industry and the overall economy in his most recent KunstlerCast.  James is one of the few that understands the dire energy predicament we face.

I started following James Kunstler after listening to an interview he had with Art Bell on Coast-To-Coast AM, back in 2005.  James is way ahead of his time and in his book, “The Long Emergency” and in the video, “End of Suburbia” he describes what the world looks like after peak oil… and it isn’t pretty.

During our interview, James and I chatted about precious metals manipulation, the soon-to-be disintegrating shale oil industry, the insanely overvalued markets, peak oil, and many other topics.  One of the more important items I brought up was the incorrect notion that the Central banks can continue to rig the markets indefinitely.  They can’t.

And why is that?  Because Central banks can’t continue to prop up the market with paper when the problem is one based on a limitation of PHYSICAL OIL.  If the Central banks want to really solve our problems, they have to find a lot more oil… but there just really isn’t much left to find.

So, there lies the rub

To listen to my interview with James Howard Kunstler, please click on the link below:

KunstlerCast 306 — Gold, Silver, and Oil with Steve St. Angelo

Also, please check out James Kunstler’s website as he is a prolific writer and has many interesting books on his website.


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