Steve Mnuchin: We Won’t Know Economic Impact Of Wuhan Coronavirus For Two Weeks

“…we haven’t seen big issues in supply chains…”

(Silver Doctors Editors) Steve Mnuchin was interviewed on Fox Business today.

Some of the things he said were:

  • We’re taking a careful approach to the virus, and we’re working with China.
  • We won’t know economic impact for two weeks.
  • After two weeks, we can model how virus spreads.
  • This could impact the rest of the world.
  • At this point, we haven’t seen big issues in regards to the supply chain.
  • The President’s economic plan is clearly working in the US

For all of those points, and a whole lot more, tune-in to the interview in its entirety:

Steve Mnuchin’s comments are quite, reserved?

This is in comparison to what Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said on Fox Business on January 30th:

Ross is very optimistic, and he thinks the Wuhan Coronavirus will “accelerate” the return of jobs to the US.

Finally, for those who are unaware, this has been declared a public health emergency by the Department of Health and Human Services:

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex M. Azar II declared a public health emergency for the entire United States to aid the nation’s healthcare community in responding to 2019 novel coronavirus.

So in another couple of weeks, apparently, we will find out if this Wuhan Coronavirus, even though it’s a “public health emergency” for all of the United States, has any potential to impact the US economy, or not.

According to Steve Mnuchin.