U.S. & Russian Military Forces Standoff In Syria Shows How Quickly A Mistake Could Spark WWIII

US & Russian forces, in armored-up tactical military vehicles with heavy machine guns mounted and manned, had an up-close and intense standoff in Syria…

(Silver Doctors Editors) Mistakes can happen.

Going by the official narrative on the downed passenger jet in Iran earlier this month, mistakes do happen, and they can have deadly and international consequences.

There is reporting of an intense standoff between US & Russian forces in Syria this weekend.

From Zero Hedge:

An extremely dangerous and rare incident played out in northeast Syria between the conflict’s two most powerful rival forces on Saturday when opposing American and Russian military convoys encountered each other on a highway.

The incident was filmed and published online by anti-Assad opposition group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), which described a major traffic jam outside the city of Al-Malikiyah, an oil-producing area of the country which has been occupied by American troops.

SOHR said the busy highway was halted “after US forces prevented a Russian patrol from continuing its way to countryside of Al-Malikiyah city.”

For what it’s worth, the editors at Silver Doctors did not investigate further into this “anti-Assad” opposition group  “Syrian Observatory For Human Rights (SOHR)”, nor who is funding them.

Are they the equivalent of The White Helmets 2.0?

If they are, what would that mean about the group?

With all of the lies, mis-information, dis-information, propaganda and psychological warfare going on, to this day, it is safe to say it’s SNAFU.

Regardless, here’s one of the videos showing a very tiny part of the standoff:

Just looking at it from a military point-of-view, there is a take-away.

At the very least, the risk is very high for a mistake to be made.

Both the US and the Russian tactical vehicles have heavy machine guns mounted, manned by gunners.

Being unfamiliar with the names and models of Russian machine guns, one would assume they are somewhere on par with what the US is rolling around with in plain sight.

And what is that?

Ma Deuce:

No body and most things do not want to be on the receiving end of her fury.

Fortunately, for everybody’s sake, openly manned and visible US and Russian machine guns were all pointed away from each other in that video (and the video below).

In their coverage linked above, Zero Hedge is saying it’s unclear who is the aggressor, but the videos show who is still in control, at least of that region in Syria, and the answer is the United States as the Russian military and their vehicles are the ones turning around.

Why is this a big deal, and, more importantly, why is the risk very high?

Well, while it is likely we’ll ever know exactly what happened to that doomed airplane in Iran, let’s look at one excuse Iran gave for accidentally shooting down the passenger jet earlier this month.

From the NY Times:

The military blamed human error. In a statement, it said Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 had taken a sharp, unexpected turn that brought it near a sensitive military base.

Here’s the second video from the scene of the US-Russian standoff, which shows the Russian vehicles presumably turning around as their vehicles are pointing away from the US Vehicles:

The situation appears to have been de-escalated, for now.

That said, what could happen if, considering all of that wind noise, an inability to speak the foreign language without using the “Terps” (Interpreters), the honking of horns, the rumble of all those engines, the general shouting and the poor weather conditions, all of the sudden a low-flying helicopter or two came zooming in, looking like they were providing close-air support?

Or what if pop shots could be heard firing off in the distance?

We’ll leave those as rhetorical questions.

The risk is still very high for mistakes to happen, mistakes that could have easily sparked something catastrophic.