Silver Looking To Spring To Life With This Week’s Inflation Data, Cartel Looking For Weed Killer

Knock knock. Who’s there? Seasonal Allergies. Seasonal Allergies who? Ha-ha just kidding, it’s Covid-19, that’s who!

(by Half Dollar) My son’s school-issued Chromebook’s screen got replaced, and while I could have done the repair myself, even if I wasn’t allowed to, because I am in fact a professional tech expert, the price of the screen was cheaper when purchased through the school, and since I am also in fact a penny pinchin’ cheapskate, I let the fine folks in the IT Department perform the repair, so the school sent us the bill.

Of course, if I was a kid the size of a full grown man and forced to use a very slow, severely locked-down version of Google Chrome all day long, on a sluggish, piece-of-crap excuse for a laptop “computer”, a device with specs so low they would be criminal to mention, or at least child abuse, a device which features a dark, barely useable 11-inch screen and a mini-keyboard that is about 50% of the size of a normal laptop keyboard, I’d have long since smashed the screen with a hammer too, not, of course, that he admits to any wrongdoing, nor does he exactly remember what happened, so I don’t really blame him for anything that happened to an overpriced, underperforming tool of propaganda anyway.

But I digress.

The most recent bill from my teenage daughter’s snake oil salesman dermatologist has a comma in it.

The dermatologists thank you very much, Mask Nazis.

And on that note, I think I’ll stop there, because on the one hand, Spring is in the air, and there is budding new life all around, yet on the other hand, our “elected” “leaders” and public “servants” are doing their absolute best to kill off America and her two children, Freedom and Liberty, as gruesomely and as gorily as possible, and it is not like anybody cares anyway, much less the Sheeple, who are oblivious, much less the Brainwashed Masses, who believe, for example, that Americans walked on the moon, much less the Walmart Zombies, whose sole motivation in life is satisfying that never ending craving for cheese doodles & hot dogs, much less the Red Hats, who are still trusting some dang plan, much less the ahhhh, nevermind.

Doesn’t matter.

No miracle will bring them back.

The Ministry of Plenty The Bureau of Labor Statistics comes out with inflation data this week:

But hey, at least it’s transitory!

We should all be grateful for paying higher prices at the pump:

So glad to see our monetary policy is working.

Our monetary policy will never let you down, either:

Because the stock market can only ever go up.

So don’t worry about a thing:

Worrying is, after all, a natural response to price discovery, and we ain’t havin’ none of that around here!

It’s a shame nobody talks about a “debt jubilee” anymore:

That is not to say they won’t begin talking about one again, only, they’re still deciding on what strings to attach.

Some people get rid of these as soon as they get them:

And not only is that not a bad idea, but you know what they say about the early bird!

The early bird gets silver, in-hand, for under $30:

At this point, however, that silver is a small variety of generic only, and pretty soon, it won’t be found for under $30, regardless of the paper price.

Speaking of the paper price:

We still have that pesky little gap that needs to get resolved.

Most are convinced gold has double-bottomed:

Has it?

Palladium looks like it wants to become rangebound again, and for now, that range is between $2500 and $2700:

Although I’m sure the Chart Huggers are shouting something about a “bull wedge”.

They’re probably also shouting something about a “head-n-shoulders” chart pattern:

Do the technicals matter right now, and if so, or not, or whatever, then what does matter?

Not that it matters,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart