Silver Crashes, Again! 2nd Wave Of Coronavirus Imminent? No, It’s The 2nd Wave Of Economic Collapse!!!

With everything else going on in America, it’s amazing “market participants” aren’t even considering this GLARING predicament…

(by Half Dollar) There are some pretty amazing things going on right now.

In no particular order:

  • The Supreme Court vacant seat uncertainty
  • Election uncertainty
  • Second wave and new shutdown/lockdown uncertainties
  • Etc, etc, etc.

Those are just domestic issues, and that’s not counting additional civil unrest, looting, rioting and worse, which appears to have already begun again, with Louisville being the focal point, for now.

Here’s a screen grab of Fox News this morning:

There is nothing but shooting, shooting, shooting, violence, violence, and, what the heck, an explosion too.

And whether it’s all real, all fake, full World Wide Wrestlemania, or something else is beside the point: All of the things happening in the US would be quite chaotic even without being the year 2020, the year of no surprises.

As far as the two cops that were shot last night, well, don’t say nobody has been saying what is really going on here with the MSM propagandists continuing to plant the seeds:

Like, sure, it’s a big club, but they’re all inbred creatures of their own choosing, and their complacency has turned them rather predictable.

I mean, just look at how pathetic hollywood, Washington, and Wall Street have become!

And it’s a freakin’ revolving door, no less!

But I digress.

Oh yeah, and there’s market uncertainty too, as well as some stock market jitters:

That doesn’t look good.

Silver’s crashed overnight:


And making matters worse, in my opinion, the Crack-Up Boom has begun.

See here for the most recent, specific examples:

As I’ve said, many, many times before, the people have begun the process of buying anything and everything not nailed down.

Thank God I live in the US and use dollars, because the frenzy will be much more fun here!

Side Note: There has been a lot of talk about a Debt Jubilee lately, but in my opinion, why would any politician give even the tiniest inch to the people if he or she or it or whatever didn’t have to?

Side Note Said Differently: The Debt Jubilee will be a hyperinflation of the US Dollar, and it’s pretty clear that it has begun, for all one has to do is venture out into the scary urban jungle to prime watering holes like Walmart, Target, the Mall, and more, conduct some research, and see the sheeple are spooked.

But wait, there’s more!

The changing of the season itself is a curveball nobody is really prepared for.

You know – short days, long nights, cold, snow, and all of those things that come along with the changing of the seasons, and they are right around the corner.

Personally, I haven’t turned on my home heat just yet, but we did stop using our air conditioner about a week or two ago.

Regardless, here’s an example of market participants totally clueless about what’s about to happen: Jim Rickards seems to think outdoor dining is going to be a thing in crappy, freezing weather:

How exactly does that happen in a snowstorm again, Jim?

It would be funny if so many Gold Bugs and Silver Bugs didn’t have so much misguided hope in a person whose principal priority is to sell books of marginal importance and arguable misdirection.

But there I go again – digression.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, what do you have against Rickards you big hater, and he’s talking about the protests spreading, so why don’t you think more about the context Mr. I’m-Not-Allowed-To-Call-Out-Trump’s-Lies-Anymore-So-I’ll-Just-Resort-To-His-Supporters!”.

Uh, no.

It’s not like that.

It’s not like that at all.

I’ve nothing against Rickards, nor am I a hater.

And he did say “your town”, and he did say “your table”, so, um, yeah, there’s some context right back at you.

Now, I’m not calling out anybody’s lies unless they pertain to the markets and/or the economy, but I will say this, whenever somebody says they just had a juicy dinner at some undisclosed location with a top-level Military Big Wig who just passed along some super-secret inside information which can now be passed along to you, they’re lying!

Oh geez, there I go again.

Back to the main topic of this article: The Second Wave.

I bring up the Rickards Tweet, not to call him out per se, but to bring up a point, and I’ll make it in the form of a question: What’s going to happen when struggling restaurants, dealing with very strict and arguably Unconstitutional mandates and orders from “elected” politicians and even unelected public “servants”, face the cold, dark reality of limited outdoor seating during the Fall and Winter?

The question is rhetorical, but here are my thoughts: Those struggling restaurants are simply going to close down or be bailed-out with another round of PPP loans and/or grants, which by the next round may be more streamlined and more easily accessible by actual struggling small businesses, regardless of whether one thinks government bail-outs are a good thing or not.

Or it could be another custard fudge, designed that way on purpose so corrupt insiders in Washington and on Wall Street can further enrich themselves and their bestest buddies.

Either way, that means people working at said restaurants who were struggling with perhaps less hours, less pay, less tips and less everything, will be out of work once again.

That little dynamic is but one reason why there will be, in my opinion, another round of Economic Impact Payments, and while I have been wrong about the timing, I do think they’re coming, and now it seems more clear: The US Federal government is stalling because career politicians are inherently evil at heart (or they wouldn’t be career politicians), so they would rather not give the stimulus checks in August, even though Stevie Boy said that’s what Trump preferred, only to turn around and give a third payment in the depths of winter.

In other words, they would rather give one single check, for winter, not one in August, or September, and another one during winter.

Seems logical, or am I missing something here?

And, in benefitting the Cartel all in the same, they can crash the silver price if for nothing more than for spite.

In the end, however, real, physical silver vanishes from the marketplace at these bargain basement prices, and the lower the price goes, here in late 2020, the faster that happens.