SILVER, A Rant (Or Two) And A Warning

This Summer will be a lot like last Summer, only worse…

(by Half Dollar) Anybody else have mixed feelings about US holidays?

On the one hand, It’s a pretty cool Idea to set aside certain days out of the year for certain things, but on the other hand, when the holidays have turned into little more than marketing hype seeking to lure in the Walmart Zombies for another round of mindless shopping, the holidays kind of lose their meaning.

In addition to other reasons, in my opinion, with the current crop of Globalists we have ruling the United States from the top down, US holidays have become bitter sweet, and pretty soon, US holidays are going to become downright sour, if not outright spoiled.

The transformation is nearly complete.

The other things that bother me the most about the holidays are all of the phony “celebrating” and the pseudo-patriotism.

Especially the pseudo-patriotism.

That’s the worst, certainly when it comes from politicians.

Indeed, the fact that the government has lost its way, to say it nicely, is one of the core problems in America today which will surely contribute to America’s swift collapse.

You see, the people produce stuff to survive, through their own blood, sweat and tears, and if there is anything left over, a surplus, so to say, the people unite and form a government to live civilly among each another, and the point is that the individual comes first, and then the government comes later, born out of the people, and yet, in 2021, the people are nothing more than an afterthought of the government at best, and cannon fodder at worst.

In America today, we no longer say, “it’s a free country and I can do what I want!”, and we now ask, “am I allowed to do that?”.

Furthermore, government workers should have the absolute easiest jobs with the absolute worst pay, whereas the private sector should have the absolute hardest jobs with the absolute best pay, and for the longest time this was true, but some time ago, and if one wants to put a year on it, I’d recommend 1913, and progressively ever since then, this public-private, work-pay dynamic has morphed into a situation where currently, government workers have the absolute easiest jobs with the best pay, including posh benefits, and the private sector workers have the absolute hardest jobs with the worst pay, and barely any benefits at all.

In other words, the government has become, just like the mindless Walmart Zombies, excessively bloated, increasingly burdensome, unashamedly negligent, accidentally destructive, incrementally unstable, near the point of a massive heart attack or something, and oh yeah, ready to snap at any moment.

Of course, we ourselves have allowed the government to take over every single aspect of our lives, so we really have nobody else to blame but ourselves.

But I digress.

There is a point here: When the people have nothing and the government has everything, government largess amid the peoples’ destitution is the recipe for an extra spicy disaster, and we seem to be at that point in history right about now.

Are we not?

We have replaced the true meaning of holidays with retail shopping, and we have replaced Freedom & Liberty with Fascist Totalitarianism, and pretty soon, the people are going to have nothing else to lose, and we know exactly what happens when the people have nothing left to lose: They lose it.

This is what is coming, and it will be born out of anger with some madness mixed in for good fun, and I’m not really talking about an Antifa/BLM kind of chaos, but rather, an individual kind of chaos because BLM and Antifa are the preferred opposition flags of our “elected” “leaders” who are currently in charge when they’re not in charge, and so, naturally, those causing the chaos this time around are going to be of the “lone wolf”, “white supremacists” and “religious conservative” varieties, to name a few for example and for lack of better terms.

Think pick-up trucks with American flags and stuff.

Because it will be those people who will have a gripe with the current administration, just like it was Antifa/BLM that had the gripe with the prior administration, all of it by design, of course, and people being the easily controlled Brainwashed Masses, Walmart Zombies and Sheeple that most Americans are, the shift from one enemy to the next in the eyes of the government will not even skip a beat, and the participants, paid, unpaid, or whatever, will be participating either knowingly (think agent provocateurs, crisis actors, etc) or unknowingly (think duped Red Hats, etc).

Which brings me to my warning: The current administration, a continuation of the Obama administration, really, absolutely loves this kind of chaos in the streets, and with the Zombie Apocalypse thingy coming to an end, well now, the corrupt, evil Globalists need moar, because they always need moar, and with so many Americans ready to get back to fun Summertime activities, moar is what we will get!


So get ready for a surge in flase flags and false flag hoaxes, likely non-stop this Summer.

Generally speaking, the true alternative-media can pick apart any false flag or false flag hoax within 48 hours, but because of how tight of a grip big tech, the banking system and more are putting on the alternative-media for the government, by way of deplatforming, demonetizing, canceling, outright censorship and worse, there will not be a whole lot of coverage of the false flags like there has been in the past.

Here’s the overall point: Be careful this Summer and understand that as events happen, it will be difficult to decipher and understand exactly what is going on and why, and a lot of it goes back to the bloated, needy Zombie Government stuck with a fast dying World Reserve Currency, the US dollar, so there will be a ton of instability too.

I say all of this because in my opinion, it looks like we’re shifting from the mass, somewhat focused protests/riots of last Summer and into the major false flags and false flag hoaxes this Summer.

Moreover, last Summer, we were supposedly in a “raging pandemic”, so there was a purpose to get out and to “protest”, according to the MSM Propagandists, that is, but this Summer, the people just want to get out and enjoy the Summer again, and because of this, with a new Administration taking over the reigns, the usual cast of characters from the Obama administration are back to be the executive directors and producers once again this time around, and I’m pretty sure they’ll be looking to release many sequels to their particular brand of violence.

By now, however, with social media, with sufficiently fast cellphone service, and with a smartphone in every pocket capable of recording high definition video, being able to individually pick apart false flags and false flag hoaxes should be increasingly easy to do.

For example, considering all of the graphic, violent video everybody watched throughout 2020 and especially over the Summer, look at and listen to the victim in the video below, in the final days of the Obama administration, who says, “I got shot in the f-ing leg, man”, a segment which was also broadcast on CNN directly, but that clip is difficult to find on YouTube for embedding, so I have to show this short clip from Ruptly instead:

Uh, no.

That is not a person who just got shot in the leg.

So yeah, I’m thinking this is going to be one chaotic Summer, and with the same-old same-olds running the show again, some of the events could really be of size and scope.

They have, after all, been on the drawing boards for the last four years, so I’m sure they’ve got plenty of scripts already written and waiting for just the right moment.

But wait, there’s more!

That’s right folks, because I didn’t put the word “Silver” in the title for clickbait!

I put silver in the title because if the Summer doldrums kick in and the Cartel gets to smashing, I’d be doing what I can to raise funds for the shiny phyzz, and I am in fact doing that this Summer, and by raising funds, that could mean doing many things, but the point is that it means doing whatever is available/possible in one’s local area.

For example, for me, once a year, my neighborhood has a “community yard sale” on a certain date, and I actively have been planning for it over the last year because the yard sale is so big and so many houses in my neighborhood participate that the yard sale is literally a huge event, with plenty of people coming by all day long looking for sweet deals which I’ll gladly give them, deals which, of course, will then be converted by me into physical silver for savings.

Additionally, our humble garden is growing well, and pretty soon, we’ll have more tomatoes, green bell peppers and jalapeno peppers than we can eat, or drink, because yeah, we’re in to the “cold pressed” juices like that, so the savings from produce alone are going to, yup, you guessed it: Cash savings are going to turn into real savings.

If one has a little extra unbacked, debt-based fiat currency dependent on exponential, unsustainable growth that can be saved, then in my opinion, there is nothing better to save those soon to be totally worthless US dollars in than silver.

Deeper-pocketed investors may want to save in platinum, however, because there is a ton of opportunity there, too, just not to the extent that there is in silver.

Those are just two things I’m doing this Summer to generate some extra income: The first by generating actual income and the second by generating real savings by means of growing actual, healthy food, which, over the course of the Summer and into Fall, really adds-up considering how much produce we buy at my house.

As I’ve said for the last several weeks now, in my opinion, the hyperinflationary crack-up boom has begun, and now is not the time to be planning for how you will not just survive it, but thrive in it, for now is the time to be executing one’s plans.

I’ve been spoiled for so many years, that perhaps it is just out of selfish greed that I want silver to drop into the teens so badly:

Don’t judge.

It happens.

We should not discount the fact that the Cartel is mad, however, nor should we discount the fact that the Cartel would love one last pounding of silver into the teens.

Although with every passing week, the Cartel is losing its ability to manage silver’s price, and just like at this current point in history silver is not going back into the single digits, pretty soon, we’ll even be leaving the twenties behind, so yeah, it’s an interesting dynamic that’s unfolding right now in the silver market.

Of course, I have maintained all along that silver will not rise in price like most people are expecting it to rise:

It will be an interesting trip to parity or even beyond, that’s for sure!

For now, however, we’ve got a holiday shortened week and the “official start of Summer”, for whatever that means, which people are surely looking forward to for myriad reasons:

We’ve also got some potentially market moving data hitting the tape this week, culminating in the release of the May Jobs Report on Friday.

A lot of people are hoping palladium has bottomed:

As of yet, however, there is no indication of a trend change.

If the charts matter, that is, such as platinum’s daily chart below showing a few days of weakness below its major moving average:

If we’re correcting here, why would we not be expecting a trip down to the 200-day moving average, again?

Copper is about to get interesting:

Sooner or later the Green New Deal and all of the other “infrastructure” projects are going to begin, or not, and if not, we could see even more of a correction, and a deeper correction would give the Fed and the Federal Government some ammunition they need to claim the inflation is “transitory”.

They’re certainly not getting that ammunition from crude oil prices:

I’ll probably have to zoom out the charts a little for Friday’s article.

There’s no fear in the markets, and in my opinion, there’s about to be some nasty chaos on Main Street:

Funny how that works out, isn’t it?

I mean, the Globalists do like their sick-n-twisted jokes, don’t they?

They also like the relentless rise in “wealth”:

Although let’s not get it twisted: The stock market is no safe harbor.

It comes down to the problem with the ersatz dollar:

Everything based in it is about to become worthless.

Until reaching the so-called “loss of confidence”, the pressure on interest rates is to the downside:

The Fed and the Federal government live by the math, and the dollar will die by the math.

I wish I could say that for the United States, it is going to be a great Summer coming off of last year’s never-ending nightmare.

All we can really hope for, however, is that this Summer is not worse than last, even though it seems like this Summer will be worse for the US as a whole.

Although to the Gamblers in the Rigged Casino, I wouldn’t bet on it one way or the other.

What to do instead?

Starve the Beast.

That’s what.

Thanks for reading.

Stack accordingly,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart