SHOCKING! Fed Chair Powell Says Flow Of Coins In The US “Stopped” (Yes, As In Coinage)

We’ve got ourselves a bona fide coin shortage going on in America, RIGHT NOW…?!?

(by Half Dollar) File this one under “No Duh”.

Because when the United States Constitution REQUIRES a bi-metallic Gold & Silver Standard, but the corrupt, domestic terrorist organization known as the Fed forces its unbacked, debt-based fiat currency dependent on unsustainable, exponential growth down our throats, this is what we get: Worthless currency.

And there’s this thing about worthless currency:

You can never have enough of it!

Regardless, from Reuters, reporting on Powell’s whiffle ball game with the House Financial Services Committee just today (bold added for emphasis and commentary purposes):

With the partial closure of the economy due to the coronavirus crisis, “the flow of coins through the economy has kind of stopped,” Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell told the House Financial Services Committee.

Making matters worse, the U.S. Mint has decreased production of coin due to measures put in place to protect its employees.

By saying “kind of” stopped, Powell gets to have his cake, and he also gets to eat it.

And he also gets to choose it.

And you get none of it.

But I digress.

Of note is that we’ve been reporting on problems with coronavirus at the US Mint for some time.

Now, even though we’re talking about chump change, Powell would still rather not talk about it if he didn’t have to.

And to that end, Powell does not want eyebrows raised over this:

“We all don’t want to wake up to headlines in the near future such as ‘Banks run out of money,’” he said. Banks “don’t know what to tell their customers.”

In the “near future”?

Was that a Freudian Slip?

I mean, he could have said “future”, or he could have simply omitted the over-hyped concept of time altogether, like, do you even time value of money bro?

And yet he said “near future”.


Don’t get to thinking ‘Ol Half Dollar’s armchair-quarterbackin’ the Fed.

I’m just trying to raise awareness to the US Constitution’s requirement for Gold AND Silver to be our money.

It’s not a choice.

And a shameless plug, but to the benefit of the visual learners out there:

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