Shocking Admissions Reveal The Fed Is Manipulating The Stock Market

David Quintieri has dug up some information on the Fed which shows that the central bank has been manipulating the markets all along…

Editor’s Note: Silverbugs know all too well what has been going on in the markets for years, so it is good to see yet another example that is clear cut showing that the Fed is manipulating markets (among many market manipulators) because, one by one, sooner or later, even the most staunch manipulation deniers will have to admit that those calling out the manipulation were and are right.

David Quintieri of The Money GPS

This is exactly what I have been saying consistently. “The Fed is manipulating the stock market!” You’ve heard me here at The Broken Record GPS and yet I’ll continue to be one of the most ridiculed YouTubers out there. Oh well.

I appreciate all of those out there who are taking my information and using it to their advantage. Thank you.