‘Shemitah’ Author Jonathan Cahn: Trump Is A Lightning Rod Of Division In America, Sent By God

Trump is holding back the flood, but if he doesn’t get re-elected in 2020, then the walls are coming down and there is going to be a flood…

Jonathan Cahn interviewed by Greg Hunter for USA Watchdog

Four time, best-selling author Jonathan Cahn says in his upcoming new release of his new book called “The Oracle,” God delivers a message of “salvation,” which also means Yeshua or Jesus. Cahn says persecution is coming back just like in the beginning of Christianity, but there is also good news. Cahn says, “There is another mystery and that is the return of the people of God, and that means this–that the church or the people of God will also return to the state they were in in the beginning. What’s that? That’s the Book of Acts. That’s when the church was on fire, and it was revolutionary. It was radical, and it was changing the world. Those people who stand strong, and I call all of you to stand strong and don’t compromise. Stand strong and God will use you and make us like the apostles again. That’s the glory of it. The ultimate of this jubilee, who ultimately left his land and is coming back? Messiah. The King was separated from his kingdom and he’s coming back again, and we want to be right and ready for that day. . . .For those who say I wish I could live in Bible times, congratulations–you are! The God of the Bible is alive and real!”

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