Senate Candidate Tells Silver Doctors: Economic Implosion is Inevitable

Libertarian Senate Candidate Derrick Michael Reid tells Silver Doctors “we’re looking at a redo of the Great Depression, but this time, a lot worse.”

U.S. Senate candidate Derrick Michael Reid interviewed by Silver Doctors

Reid says the collapse will start in the bond market, then equity markets, then into economies. While the collapse is inevitable, he says it may not be imminent. The U.S. government is trying to keep the system afloat by manipulating the futures markets, but these efforts will only be efficacious for so long. “Their expert criminals,” he says. “They know what they’re doing.”

When the government deficit spends and inflates the currency, wealth is transferred from the private sector to the government and the financial elite. How can you preserve your wealth amid this confiscation? Reid says you must own physical assets.