See It Right Here: ABC Cancels Roseanne Barr’s Show ‘Roseanne’ After This Tweet

ABC has abruptly canceled ‘Roseanne’ after this Tweet (Spoiler Alert: The Tweet’s got it all – Soros, Clintons, Jews, Nazis and even mass theft)…

Here is the statement released by ABC:

which is in reaction to this Tweet by Roseanne Barr:

For which, Roseanne has since apologized (for the Tweet?) and is saying she’s done with Twitter:

President Trump has yet to make any type of Tweet about Roseanne Barr, even as Roseanne has been a vocal supporter of the President, and even though when things are of national interest pertaining to celebrities, President Trump usually jumps on the opportunity to interact on Twitter (think Kanye West).

Not taking sides in any of this, but there was this 60 Minutes interview with George Soros in which George himself claims to have helped confiscate property of the Jews.

Furthermore, Soros has no feeling of “guilt” for doing it.

Even if later on in the interview Soros changed his story to “I was only a spectator”.

Hear Soros say it for yourself:

But the bigger question is, why now?

Is this a distraction for something else going on, or something else about to happen?

Or more divide and conquer by the Deep State using an actual authentic, organic, non-MSM propaganda Tweet as cover?

Or more anti-deplorables propaganda?

It’s not like the Clintons and Soros are decent human beings.

In fact, many would argue quite the opposite.

The polar opposite.

Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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