Sean & Harley Schlanger Discuss SILENCING Dissent & Truth And The Termination Of SGTreport YT Channel

An important update on both the censorship push by the MSM/Globalists/DeepState, and what just went down with SGTreport’s YT channel…

Editor’s Note: We will begin looking for alternatives to YT. This video embed is from Real.Video. Thanks to those for suggesting using other platforms whenever possible. I brought this up in the comments yesterday, but the reach is pretty low. In fact, where this video on the terminated channel would have 100K views or more, on Real.Video it has 30 (as in thirty, as in less than three dozen). Alternative platforms are in their very infancy, and it is going to take hard work on everybody’s part to make the switch, from those creating content and posting it to those watching it and listening to it online.


Sean and Harley Schlanger discussing YT censorship on SGTreport (via Real.Video)

This video was posted to my backup YT channel. My main You Tube channel was terminated today without cause or explanation. And along with it more than 1,000 videos and interviews were deleted from the pages of history, along with 345,000 subscribers and 8 years of work. Please TWEET a message saying just that to @TeamYouTube.

Thanks for tuning in. Thanks for standing with me. And thanks for your continued prayers and support. God Bless.