Scientists Discover New Renewable Fuel 3 Times More Powerful Than Gasoline

Over a century ago, a unique chemical process helped take the world from the brink…

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Over a century ago, a unique chemical process helped take the world from the brink of a food crisis that would’ve led many to starve.

It was called “the biggest global problem solved by chemistry” and delivered its creators a well-deserved Nobel Prize.

But today, this breakthrough could help revolutionize the $1.5 trillion green energy revolution, resulting in substantial upside for the companies leading the charge in the industry.

AmmPower (CSE:AMMP; OTC: AMMPF), for example, has taken off for huge 207% gains over the last year, and we think they’re just getting started.

That’s because ammonia, one of the largest traded commodities in the world, is now playing a little-known role in powering hydrogen fuel cells.

Many of the world’s largest economies have already adopted formal hydrogen strategies over the past year, like the European Union, India, and Canada.

Several major oil companies like Shell, Saudi Aramco, and ExxonMobil have also started sketching out plans for getting into the global hydrogen market as well.

And some of the biggest automakers in the world have been investing in hydrogen fuel cell technology, including GM, BMW, Daimler AG, and Groupe Renault, to name just a few.

But there’s been one major problem standing in the way of hydrogen taking its place as the clear winner atop the green energy space.

The cost is too much of a barrier for hydrogen fuel cell EVs to go mainstream at the moment.

That’s where AmmPower (CSE:AMMP; OTC: AMMPF) may come in to help give the hydrogen industry the boost it needs to become a viable option in the potential $1.5 trillion green energy revolution.

Is Proprietary Technology Getting Set to Drive the Boom?

AmmPower has come onto the scene strong, potentially developing new, proprietary technology that could soon help supercharge this hydrogen industry surge.

Their technology is aimed to help produce clean ammonia, a key component in both producing and transporting hydrogen, much more efficiently.

That’s because while hydrogen is said to be the “sleeping giant” in the future of alternative energy, its chemical properties make it dreadfully expensive to transport.

Since hydrogen needs to be stored at a frigid -253 degrees Celsius, it requires a different level of logistics to keep the fuel cold enough to remain in its liquid state.

But ammonium, on the other hand, needs to be kept at just -33 degrees Celsius, a more than 200-degree difference in temperature.

That means it’s both much easier and far cheaper to transport.

And from there, ammonium (NH3) can easily be broken down to hydrogen gas (H2) using green electricity.

That’s why AmmPower (CSE:AMMP; OTC: AMMPF) is working to develop new technology unlike any other we’ve seen in the markets right now.

The company reports that their modular units will be made to work for a wide array of customers, including everyone from farmers using the ammonia for fertilizer to large marine ports and distribution hubs.


They say these unique units will be modular, scalable, and stackable.

That means it could be flexible enough to be used for a whole slew of different purposes, and customers could ramp up ammonia production over time if needed as well.

Ammonia has the potential to play a significant role in the green energy movement, as it can be used to capture, store, and transport hydrogen gas more cheaply and easily.

Which may be one reason why even oil giant Saudi Aramco started shipping cargo of ammonia to Japan late last year…

Signaling their plans to get involved in the massive movement toward hydrogen fuels, and using ammonia as a means to get more bang for their buck.

But we also think AmmPower may actually be onto another major opportunity – one that could potentially be even greater – that we haven’t discussed yet.

The Creation of a Potentially Massive New Market

While the hydrogen energy transition has brought in a wave of renewed interest in ammonia, the potential for this unique compound goes even further.

That’s because ammonia may actually be used as a powerful fuel all on its own.

In fact, ammonia has been said to hold as much as 9x the energy of today’s lithium-ion batteries.

So while much of the media hype has been around electric vehicles with their next-generation “million-mile” batteries…

Ammonia has such potential to be used as a powerful fuel, it could soon power everything from cars to vans, trucks, forklifts, and even jets.

And now, with the International Marine Organization mandating that the marine industry reach an ambitious goal of ZERO carbon emissions by 2050…

It’s started a flood of innovation in the EV industry beyond just the vehicles used on land.

That’s why AmmPower has been focusing so much of its attention on what we think is a completely overlooked, new opportunity.

The marine transportation industry has already started making big moves ahead of the mandate.

MAN Energy and Samsung Heavy Industries have been part of new initiatives to develop the first ammonia-fueled oil tankers.

And Viking Energy is poised to become the first vessel propelled by ammonia fuel cells.

That means ammonia could soon be used as a green energy fuel even for massive cargo ships.

And with 120 ports already equipped with ammonia terminals, the infrastructure looks to be in place to support the shift in several key ports.

Now, AmmPower (CSE:AMMP; OTC: AMMPF) reports that they plan to scale up quickly, producing modular units able to produce between 0.1 – 1 tons of ammonia per day in Phase 1 of their plan.

We think the flexibility these units offer, along with the ability to produce even larger amounts of these powerful fuels, could be a huge boon to the next generation of clean energy.

And we believe investors can have even more confidence in AmmPower’s plans based on the all-star team they’ve built around them to lead the charge.

An Outstanding and Experienced Team

At the moment, AmmPower reports it is currently securing a 15,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Michigan.

Their system will be build on some of the best catalyst technology in the industry and blend that with the proprietary methods they are developing to produce the cleanest ammonia possible.

And the team leading the charge has an outstanding list of credentials that give us plenty of confidence they can live up to their exciting potential.

The team looks to have plenty of experience developing cutting-edge work and building a moat to protect their intellectual property to keep their advantage over competitors.

And their CEO and Executive Chairman, Gary Benninger, has a long list of accomplishments as well, with a solid track record in the automotive space.

After working as a research scientist at NASA and a product engineering manager at Ford…

Benninger went on to become Executive VP of Engineering and R&D at Magna International, one of the top automotive parts suppliers in the world.

And he later went on to become CEO of another company that was traded on the NASDAQ.

All that to say, we think he has the necessary experience in developing significant breakthroughs at high levels and in leading his teams to become some of the best in their industry.

And that’s exactly what he plans to do with AmmPower today.

The potential in the alternative energy industry could be massive, with billion-dollar titans like Yara International and CF Industries looking into producing green ammonia.

But while many of the players in the energy industry have gone on to become worth $500 to $600 million in market cap, AmmPower is still early stage at a modest $37 million market cap.

Plus, at the moment, shares are trading for just over $1.

Currently, we’re aware of no other public company in the industry that’s at the same stage in producing ammonia units like theirs.

Now, as the hydrogen industry continues to heat up, the fast-movers like AmmPower (CSE:AMMP; OTC: AMMPF) could be rewarded handsomely.

In the days and months ahead, we think they are definitely worth watching in both playing the hydrogen energy boom and the exciting potential rise of ammonia fuel cells.

By. Mike Heelis

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