SAFE DEPOSIT BOX? Not with Banks of America

There’s various common sense options for how to store Gold & Silver Bullion owned physically. Safe deposit boxes in US banks are not one of them w/o insurance. 

Prudent options for safe long term bullion holding are likely a mix of holding… 

  • Either first hand, and or
  • With a professional non-bank bullion storage service like Loomis (either onshore or offshore)
  • Using 3rd party insurance services to back supposed Bank Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Even home bullion insurance policies you can now secure through SD Bullion

Well, another Bank of America Safe Deposit Box‘s items were reported missing yesterday. The 3 minute story is below.

Friendly reminder to all SD readers: the underfunded FDIC explicitly states on their website there is no FDIC insurance for contents held in bank safe deposit boxes (see stanza #4).

In regards to safe deposit boxes, United States banks will do what is in their bottom line best interest often, and especially whatever the authorities tell them to do.

From potentially crooked employees, missed bill payments, or even IRS seizures.

Expect more bank safe deposit box failure allegations in the years to come.


You’ve likely seen similar allegations before…

[ e.g. Bank of America, JP Morgan ChaseWells Fargo, etc. ]


The following points must be stated yet again.

Bank of America is but one, of the aforementioned too big to fail banks.

These and many other multinational commercial banks… are now more politely referred to as Global Systematically Important Banks (i.e. G-SIBs) by our world’s elite banking class.

According to the Bank for International Settlements’ (BIS) Financial Stability Board (FSB) in late 2017, you may want to seriously consider who you trust with your demand deposits and savings accounts (see page 3). Not merely safe deposit boxes.

That goes not merely for our personal finances, but even enterprise or commercial FDIC insured accounts (max $250k USD insurance per FDIC insured bank).

May be wiser to simply hold shorter term cash liquidity via T-Bills or even some in-hand hard cash notes for emergencies (i.e. outside of banks / brokerages / money market funds, etc.).

Financial laws to quell financial spill over affects have been written for various reasons. When everyone wants their money back, we’re all very likely gonna want to have some of ours ready and close by too.


In the event of another bank crisis… 

US and G20 Bank Bail-In legislation has derivative bet winners as 1st in line creditors. In lay-mans terms, the gamblers with the winning derivative bets get paid first, before anyone else in mega-bank bankruptcy proceedings.

To avoid ever being an unsecured creditor of a bailed in bank, requires your knowing who they potentially might be, and then minimizing your exposure to them.


OutSide of ‘Safe’ Deposit Boxes

Too big to fail banks continue to fail in service and safety.

Perhaps time to think outside the boxes and buckets of banks claimed to be safe still today.

Below are some general ideas on the matter. Surely you may have some of your own in the comments section below (anonymously please).

As for bullion storage options, safety, and even creativity does apply. Of course to each their own in choice, due diligence, and responsibility.

Bullion storage is similar to whom you lend your savings to and or invest in. Choosing safe, reliable option(s) is paramount for long term success.


Video source: SD Bullion Youtube Channel



About the Author

James Anderson has a BA in finance from Loyola University New Orleans. He has both worked and invested in the physical investment grade bullion markets prior to the 2008 global financial crisis.

James’ twitter is @JamesHenryAnd and he has authored SD Bullion’s complementary 21st Century Gold Rush Book.