Russian Source Claims: World War Could Start “Even Before U.S. Elections”

A Kremlin insider has warned that war with the United States could break out “even before November elections in the U.S.,” urging citizens to stockpile food.


By Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at, via SHTFPlan:

Editor’s Comment: Our U.S. media teaches us to prepare for hurricanes, floods and brief power outages, and perhaps for a few other situations, but by and large, the American leadership is deaf, dumb and blind regarding the unprecedented build up to war.

Germany has warned its citizens to stockpile food and prepare to survive for weeks without the system, in large part due to the internal chaos surrounding its refugee crisis; Russia has conducted massive drills with 40 million people to prepare for the possibility of nuclear war; its leaders have repeatedly warned that it is being pushed to the brink.

While U.S. foreign policymakers arrange new conflicts and brash clashes with global powers, its people know little to nothing about why they are fighting, or who its government plans to fight next. When the lights go out, and a hot war begins WWIII, there will be tens of millions of Americans caught completely by surprise. The world will never be the same, and they will never know why, except what they are told to keep them compliant, afraid and under wrap.

As individuals, we can’t prepare for everything, but that which we can be ready for will catch us that much less off guard. Knowing what crises may come, and the limits to what one can do about it can be very empowering. The question is, what’s next? Are things really as late in the game as Putin and his associates have suggested?

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Kremlin Insider: ‘War Might Begin Even Before U.S. Elections’

by Paul Joseph Watson

A Kremlin insider has warned that war with the United States could break out “even before the November elections in the U.S.,” urging citizens to stockpile food.

Sergei Markov, a member of the Civic Chamber, a Moscow-based state institution, told theDaily Beast, “These are the most serious tensions between Moscow and Washington in decades….the war might begin even before the November elections in the U.S.”

“I personally plan to stock 200 cans of pork to be ready for a potential war crisis,” Markov added, “and I advise everybody to do the same.”

Markov’s warning should probably be treated seriously given that he is known to have “close ties to (the) Kremlin”.

As we previously reported, Russian citizens have been stockpiling food and essential supplies for months as paranoia about a major conflict escalates.

Tensions have risen yet further in recent days after it was revealed that the Obama White House was considering a major cyber attack against Russia in retaliation for Moscow’s alleged “interference in the American presidential election”.

While Americans are kept distracted by the media’s obsession with Donald Trump’s alleged mistreatment of women, Russians have very different priorities.

State-owned television stations are urging citizens to find out where their nearest nuclear bomb shelter is located, while managers of the Zenit Arena, a huge half-built stadium in St. Petersburg, recently received an official letter from the Ministry of Emergency Situations demanding that they create underground facilities that will be used to protect citizens from nuclear fallout.

As we reported earlier this month, 40 million Russians from all levels of government recently took part in a civil defense “emergency evacuation” drill that was a test run of how the population would respond to a “disaster occurrence” under an “emergency” situation.

This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at

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