Russiagate Update: Pure MSM Sex, Lies, & Propaganda Are Now Backfiring Badly On The Narrative

Harvey Schlanger says that the Deep State is on the run, but that does not stop them from trying to take down Trump. Here’s why…

Harley Schlanger on Rogue Money

First, the topic turns to the aspirations of China that everybody missed seeing as how China is talking about bringing all Chinese out of poverty by 2020.

Secondly, Will President Trump embrace the rising Chinese plan, or will the Deep State win out and end up pitting everybody against everybody?

Then the discussion shifts to the Russiagate narrative. What is really going on in the FBI? Why are all of the new revelations just cast aside as “fact of the matter”. What do the Clintons and the FBI stand to gain from Russiagate?

All that and more in this time sensitive interview on all things geo-political.

Tune in!