Room Service: I Spoke With Vegas Shooter And Was Alone With Him FOR MINUTES

We have just translated the text from Spanish which goes with the receipt. So here’s something else that is seriously wrong with the Las Vegas Shooting “official” story. Seems like Stephen Paddock arrived a day earlier than the “official” story, and he was not alone, and his room service waiter just let the cat out of the bag…

Our SD Insider has translated Antonio’s message:

“To think I spoke to the Mandalay Bay Murderer, and I was alone with him for several minutes. I’ve got goosebumps knowing I was his waiter in the same suite where he did the shooting. You never know who you’re dealing with in this job”

Several things make this disturbingly odd including the fact that it supports Stephen Paddock checking in on 9/27, not 9/28, and, there were two people, and one of them couldn’t have been his girlfriend because she was in the Philippines.

His facebook page is quickly being scrubbed.

Here’s what it showed a while ago on mobile:


And now Facebook desktop references are being deleted too:


But once that cat’s out of the bag, it’s out.

From Tony’s (Short for Antonio) Facebook page, it is obvious why this information would have been deleted. We’ll leave it at that.


IRD-MB – In Room Dining Mandalay Bay

Table #32135 is the room number (since it was room service)

Check in one day earlier than “officially” reported