Ronnie Stoeferle Warns: We’ve Entered The 3rd Stage Of Inflation – Consumer Price Inflation

This is what the central banks have been wanting, and now there’s signs they are getting it…

Ronnie Stoeferle interviewed by Chris Marcus via Arcadia Economics

With central banks around the globe cutting interest rates and restarting quantitative easing, it’s looking like they’ll get plenty of the inflation they’ve for some reason been asking for.

Which isn’t good news if you’re a citizen in one of these countries and are unprepared for it. Yet fortunately Ronald-Peter Stöferle of Incrementum AG (an asset management firm) and author of the “In Gold We Trust” report was kind enough to join me from Liechtenstein to explain why he just issued an inflation warning for consumer prices. And what you should know to be able to respond.

He also talked about the stunningly low allocation most money managers have to the beaten up commodities sector, and why the current conditions make that a good area to consider.

It was also nice to hear an international view of the markets and the Fed, so with the precious metals rising amid trade wars and rate cuts, click to hear the interview now!