Ron Paul: The Dollar Will Crash And The Govt Is Too Involved With Bitcoin To Call Bitcoin A “Hedge”

Ron Paul says it’s tangible things, things you can hold, and especially gold & silver that will protect from the dollar collapse. Here’s why…

Ron Paul interviewed by Dan Dicks on Press For Truth

The crash of the dollar is not a matter of if…but when! The modus operandi for the inner cabal of the global elite is and always has been to provide order out of chaos…sometimes the chaos happen organically and sometimes it has to be created. Money has always been used as their greatest mechanism for control ever since the introduction of usury in the ancient world.

But here in the 21st century what’s Donald Trump’s roll in all of this? Is he being set up top take the fall or is he working with the deep state to ensure that that the crash of the dollar happens? In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Dr. Ron Paul of The Liberty Report to get his views on the coming dollar crash, the idea of a cashless society, cryptocurrencies as a potential hedge and whether or not Donald Trump is a tool of the deep state. They also discus the principles of anarchism and how big or small should governments be.

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