Ron Paul: The ‘Bolton Effect’ Is From Breakthrough To Breakdown With North Korea

The potential for peace with North Korea is at risk, and it has a lot to do with war-mongering neocon National Security Advisor John Bolton. Here’s why… 

Editor’s Note: There has been great strides and progress made with attempting to make peace with North Korea and between the two Koreas. See our coverage on North Korea being unified just recently at the 2018 Winter Olympics, as well as the historic agreement last month when the two Koreas pledged to formally end the Korean War. Recently, a peace talks summit has been planned, but as Dr Ron Paul has been sounding the warning siren before, President Trump’s National Security Advisor may be standing in the way of peace.


by Ron Paul of RonPaulLibertyReport

President Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton was bombastic on the Sunday talk shows, demanding essentially a North Korea surrender rather than setting the stage for mutually beneficial talks. As we predicted just a week ago, Bolton is making his move to blow up Trump’s North Korea breakthrough.