Ron Paul: “Maduro must go!” – President Trump Sucked Into His Own Syrian-Style War

Trump recognized Juan Guaido as the legitimate president of Venezuela, and Turmp warned that “all options are on the table”. Ron Paul discusses…

Editor’s Note: We sounded the alarm that something was about to pop-off in Venezuela one day before the US recognized Guaido as President. Here’s a chronological order of our original coverage over the last couple of days:

FIRST: Imminent Invasion? – US to overthrow Maduro and effect regime change?

SECOND: Maduro out – US Recognizes Juan Guaido as President of Venezuela

THIRD: Cold War 2.0 – Russia recognizes Maduro as President of Venezuela


by Ron Paul of Ron Paul liberty Report

President Trump yesterday recognized Venezuelan opposition legislator as the legitimate president of the country and warned that “all options are on the table” if Venezuela’s elected president moves against protestors or expelled US embassy staff who refuse to leave Caracas. US neocons applaud Trump’s move. Does the US president finally have his very own “Syria” on his hands?