Ron Paul: Macron’s Visit Has Changed Trump’s Tune – “We’re STAYING In Syria”

Dr. Paul says Trump has flip-flopped from “soon” to “we must have strong and lasting footprint in Syria”. Here’s the details on the latest geo-political shift…

French President Macron is a Rothschild banker who is widely considered a global puppet.

For more information about Macron and his actions, check out this recent interview conducted between Harley Schlanger and Sean on SGT Report (I’ve started the video at the correct spot):

Listen from where the video starts taking about Macron (11:23) through minute 15.
We actually featured that video in its own post which can be found here.
There is a point here – there is an important sequence of events happening here between the globalists/Deep State and President Trump:
  1. Macron says he’s convinced President Trump to stay in Syria
  2. Trump denies it and says we’re coming out of Syria soon
  3. There is a false flag chemical attack/staged attack in Douma, Syria
  4. President Trump orders the missile strike
  5. Macron Visits the U.S. in an official “state visit”
  6. President Trump (as you will hear below) now says “We’re staying in Syria”.

So the question: Is President Trump in part or whole captured by the Deep State, or is President Trump playing along in this high stakes match of geo-political chess?

Going by what Ron Paul is saying on his latest Ron Paul Liberty Report  the answer is not one we may want to hear.

From Dr Paul’s video write up:

That was quick! Just a month after President Trump vowed to get US troops out of Syria “like, soon,” a visit from French President Macron has him singing a different tune. Now he’s vowed to remain in Syria to prevent Iran from “controlling the Mediterranean.” Macron even bragged about convincing Trump to flip flop!

In time, we’ll know what is really going on.