ROCKSTARS! Axl Rose & Steve Mnuchin Battle It Out On Twitter Into The Night

Forget professional wrestling. We’ve got Rockstars!

(by Half Dollar) Something is not quite right in hollywood.

Or wherever the squabble went down.

Axl Rose made it official:

You may have previously not thought of Steve Mnuchin very highly before, but now, it’s okay to think that way and more!

Of course, Mnuchin ain’t scared of no dang Chairborne Ranger:

At least, Mnuchin’s bodyguards aren’t anyway.

Regardless, to travel or not to travel, that is the question:

However, let’s not get it twisted amongst all of the “fed gov position of responsibility” talk: Rockstars, contrary to popular belief, not only do not simply say what they want.

They say what they’re told.

We’ll see if we get some reply from Stevie this morning.

After he has his lox ‘n bagels in bed, of course.