Rob Kirby: The Deep State Is A Cornered Rat So Be On Guard For Major False Flag Attacks

Rob Kirby says the Deep State crashed the stock market in a counter attack to Trump releasing the FISA Memo, but the worst may be to come…

Rob Kirby interviewed on the X22 Report Spotlight

In this interview, Dave and Rob discuss the recent action in the stock market. Rob cuts right to the chase and says the Deep State crashed the markets in a direct threat to President Trump.

From there the conversation shifts to the debt markets and the recent action in the bond market. Kirby says the U.S. cannot afford to pay a market rate of interest, so he expects rates to drop in yield, but Kirby suggests that we are at a crossroads.

In addition to those topics, there is discussion on:

  • The government and financial institutions crackdown on cryptocurrencies
  • De-dollarization
  • Gold & silver
  • The coming hyperinflation