Rob Kirby: Global Crisis Unfolding, US Dollar Rejection UNDERWAY & ACCELERATING

Global crisis is unfolding now, and having faith in fiat currency will result in many rich people becoming poor very quickly…

Rob Kirby interviewed by Patrick V. on SBTV

Returning SBTV guest, Rob Kirby of Kirby Analytics, had a though-provoking conversation with us – he questioned the ridiculousness that the US has never had a failed bond auction given the poor fundamentals of the US dollar, even as de-dollarization sentiments are accelerating.

Discussed in this interview:
02:07 Fed unwinding balance sheet to pre-QE levels is a pipe dream
06:19 Ridiculous that the US has never had a failed bond auction
10:15 US shale oil industry could be soaking up unwanted dollars
12:48 De-dollarization: Foreigners do not want dollars
20:31 Energy independence? US still needs Saudi oil
22:18 Oil is the main sustenance for the US dollar
22:45 The ridiculous paper gold market
26:21 World does not want dollar-denominated debt