RISK OF HOT WAR In Venezuela SPIKES, US-Backed Guaido Starts Military Coup In Rapid Escalation

BLACK SWAN ALERT: Major escalations in Venezuela Tuesday as US Deep State regime changers are pushing hard…

Update 3:

President Trump has broken his silence, yet unlike calling for interest rate cuts and more money printing:

And unlike calling for hyper-inflating away the US dollar:

His comments on Venezuela may be interpreted as a little, well, underwhelming:


Update 2:

Venezuela Roll Call.

We’ve heard from Bolton:

And we’ve heard from Pence, Pompeo & Rubio (see below).

Will President Trump break his silence?



Get ready for civilian deaths.


What’s the quickest way to get “sympathy”?

Kill civilians.

That’s the play book:


Nicolas Maduro is the President of Venezuela.

He’s recognized by many nations, including China and Russia.

The United States is attempting to overthrow the Venezuelan government and install a puppet President, US-educated globalist Juan Guaido, who wasn’t even on the election ballot.

Nations the US has on a leash support Guaido.

Regardless, things are escalating rapidly today as reports are coming in of an active “military coup” led by Guaido.

From Zero Hedge (bold added for emphasis):

Multiple reports say a military coup attempt is ongoing Tuesday morning in Venezuela as an anti-Guaido militia loyal to opposition leader and US-backed Juan Guaidó tries to establish military control of key points across the capital of Caracas and other major cities. 

Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez confirmed via social media the government is in the midst of putting down what’s being described as a “small coup” by military “traitors” working with the right-wing opposition. 

OK, first things first –

How are we to make sense of “an anti-Guaido militia” that is “loyal to Guaido”.

I get it, that’s probably just a typo, but with the high stakes of geo-politics, and nuclear super-powers opposing each other through proxy, it is kind-of important to get the reporting right, right from the beginning.

Because there is a big difference between “an anti-Maduro militia” that’s “loyal to Guaido”  and “an anti-Guaido militia” that’s “loyal to Maduro”.

This is, after all, an “active military coup” Zero Hedge is reporting on.

And sure enough, from Guaido Himself:

“Today, as the President in charge of Venezuela and the legitimate Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, I call on all soldiers and military families, to accompany us”…

Coverage from CNN:

Military “traitors” in coup attempt, government says

A spokesman for Nicolás Maduro’s government has responded to Guaidó’s address, writing on Twitter that some members of Venezuela’s military have joined an attempted coup.

“We inform the people of Venezuela that at this moment in time we are confronting and deactivating a small number of traitorous military personnel who positioned themselves at the Distribuidor Altamira to promote a coup against the Constitution and the peace of the Republic,” Venezuela’s vice president of communications Jorge Rodriguez wrote on Twitter.

In a follow-up post, he called on people to stay on “high alert,” adding: “We will win.”

This get especially murky when we see scenes like this:

Those are Guaido’s soldiers.

Notice how their shooting in the air, almost as if they’re looking to draw fire from the Venezuelan Military?

US Deep State is all over this like blood on Qadaffi:

And just a friendly reminder that both China and Russia have military “boots on ground” in Venezuela…