Riots Rising: The Civil Unrest, Looting And Riots Are Back On Main Street, USA

Many people have been thinking we’ll see post-election chaos. The chaos, however, has already begun…

(by Half Dollar) The civil unrest, looting and riots have flared back up.

This time around, the city that has the spotlight is Philadelphia.

For now.

Here’s a round-up of some of the chaos, in no particular order, via Twitter:

Some MSM coverage, via Fox News:

Nearly a dozen people – including a 15-year-old – were shot overnight after looting and rioting in Philadelphia erupted for a second straight night despite pleas for peace from the family of a Black man whose police-related death sparked the unrest.

About 1,000 people took the streets of the city of Brotherly Love late Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning purportedly to demand justice for the death of Walter Wallace Jr., who was fatally shot by police on Monday.

Instead, the protests quickly devolved into violent riots and looting of stores across the city. Crowds of dozens were seen ransacking local and big-name stores, including a Walmart and a Foot Locker.

And from CNN:

The Philadelphia Police Department requested that residents in seven districts stay indoors as demonstrators took to the streets for a second night following the fatal police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr.

Spurts of violence popped up during protests Tuesday, police said, including bricks being thrown at officers. Looting of retail stores in the city have also occurred over the last two days.