Red Alert: Inside Sources Reveal “Actual Planned Coup Attempt Planned For Inauguration Day”

white-houseWe Are In STAGE 3 – This is Right Out of the Soviet Playbook.”
“What I’m hearing from various contacts is that There Is Indeed An Actual Planned Coup Attempt Planned For Inauguration Day Jan 20th.
The Cover Story is A Peaceful Protest…”


If You Know Human History, This Is REVOLUTION.  This is the kind of talk you see throughout human history RIGHT BEFORE a bunch of people get bullets in their heads.   Every time the radical left starts to talk like this, they are about to try an assault on the system.  They’re going to try an overthrow, they’re going to engage in mass executions.  Just look at history.  

How Do You Know This Is True?
5,000 National Guard troops will be deployed for Trump swearing in – Washington Examiner

Why Are They Deploying 5,000 Troops For A Presidential Inauguration?   “Due to security concerns…” 

“Security Concerns is Code Word for “Attempted Coup!”   You bring in 5,000 troops when you are expecting something HUGE to go down.   This is confirmation the intelligence is accurate. “


Trump has interfered with their plans.  They cannot allow that to happen.   They were 1 step away from turning the US into a totalitarian fascist regime.

All the attacks against Trump failed in every stage.  They have nothing left to do but to go all-out KGB style overthrow.  That’s what they’re planning on doing…


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