Silver PIERCES $23 As Inflation Report Shows Dairy Food Prices Only Increased 1.6% Over 2021

When comparing actual prices for milk in 2019, 2020, and 2021, it’s obvious why the grocery store shelves are empty and why the global urban mass starvation has begun…

(by Half Dollar) The Ministry of Plenty has just released one of the government’s main inflation reports, the Consumer Price Index, for December, 2021.

If you are not sure what to think about government inflation data, here’s a perspective that might be worth considering:

Sadly, however, most Analysts, Apologists, Armchair Quarterbacks, Enablers, Experts, Gamblers, Gurus, Propagandists, Pundits, Shills, Sympathizers and Worse do not approach the inflation data with that same perspective.

And then they wonder why Joe Deplorable is so angry?

But I digress.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of what is really going on here.

It’s doubleplusungood:

And it really is starting to take on that vibe, isn’t it?

So today, I want to focus on food prices generally and milk prices specifically.

According the the Bureau of Lying Sadists Labor Statistics, there hasn’t been a whole lot of food price inflation in the dairy section of the grocery store:

That is, if your grocery store still has one of those sections.

Of course, there’s one glaring problem with the government’s report.

Because here’s what I paid for a gallon of milk in December of 2020:

Ahh, the good old days of “transitory inflation”.

Nonetheless, in December of 2021, as in, last month, I paid $2.80 for that very same gallon of milk:

And not only did the milk cost $2.80 in December of 2021, but I even have to pay Costco a yearly membership fee just for the privilege of being able to buy that milk!

I mention both retailers because in a Cola Wars 2.0 kind of way, one gallon of milk costs the exact same in Costco as it does in Walmart, or at least one gallon of milk did, which apparently has now actually gone up another $0.04 cents when I literally just checked Walmart’s current price:


But here’s the real kicker, so see if you can spot it:

Now, everybody knows ‘Ol Half Dollar ain’t no dang Fancy Mathematician, but I’m pretty sure that a price increase from $2.05 to $2.80 is an increase of over 35%, and when cherry picking the data from the pre-Zombie Apocalypse era?

Yikes again!

I mention all of this because In late December, I started getting a bad feeling about this Winter:

I do hope I’m wrong about the whole “global urban mass starvation” thing.

But we’re barely into mid-January, and in just the last 24 hours, well, feast your eyes on these mainstream media headlines:

And to think, we’ve actually got it good here.

For now.

That is to say, just this morning, Everybody’s Favorite Wannabe Alternative Media Website informs us that elsewhere, food problems are really, really bad.

And it may just be one country and tens of millions of people, as indicated by the title: 23 Million Afghans On Brink Of Starvation As Media Has ‘Moved On’.

But I don’t really think the food problems start there or end there.

Regardless, after being been held between $22 and $23 all week, silver has pierced $23:

That might not be quite the fireworks that “market” “participants” were expecting.

Although right now, it’s gold that’s making all of the Flip-Flopping Chart Huggers do what they do best:

“All we technically need to do is close above $1830”, they say.

And then it’s To Da Milky Way!

Got food?

Or milk?

Or something?