RAGING INFLATION: Sit-Down Restaurants Beginning To Prove The US Dollar HYPERINFLATION HAS BEGUN!

It’s not about innovative tech, nor is it about saving the environment or some other euphemistic pipe dream. It’s all about keeping up with super fast rising prices!

(by Half Dollar) My family dined at a local brewery restaurant for dinner one day this weekend, and I felt an epiphany.

Or maybe I just felt my stomach growling?

Or indigestion?

Either way, I don’t quite remember exactly how much I paid for the computer in my front right pocket, but I’m pretty sure it was over $1,200, plus tax, plus a case, and plus an extra cable for using Android Auto in my giddy-up pick ‘em up truck.

It is, or was, the latest Samsung, the S20 I think?

It’s the one with the 5G that barely has any bezel around the screen, and while the battery life is totally awesome, I learned that Sasmsung’s flagship smartphone could not even natively scan a QR Code.

That’s right!

Either that, or I’m an idiot, and it’s probably that latter.

Regardless, I spent $1,200 on a mobile computing device, but I had to search the Google Play Store for free, bloated third-party adware, also known as a QR Code Reader, just to look at the menu in the restaurant in a process which, in and of itself, since I just so happened to be in one of those spots where the Sprint/T-Mobile cellphone signal sucked, was futile.

Making matters worse, in addition to the lack of complimentary freshly baked warm bread, with some fancy flavored whipped buttery spread, a delicious pre-appetizer that my family always likes to enjoy whenever we go out fine dining, the “free WIFI” was so crappy that I gave up trying to download the stinkin’ QR Code Reader after some five minutes and barely any progress.

And to think, the Bitcoin Fanboys actually think technology is progressing.

Silly Bitcoin Fanboys.

It’s regressing.

But I digress.

Now, being the frivolous pseudo-cheapskates that we are, we all ordered glasses of water, with lemon wedges of course, we put in an appetizer order, and I asked for the closest homemade beer to a PBR or a Beast that didn’t taste weird.

There wasn’t too much of a problem for the rest of my family in deciding what to order after that.

I was having a rough go of it, however.

You see, we were seated at a big table, and we all have different likes, so it’s not like shoulder surfing Wifey and squinting hard to see her small screen would have done a whole lot of good in stimulating my senses to come up with an order to place, and since I was getting anxious to see the menu for myself, I did what any good customer would do, and I raised my hand high above my head and waived, from across the restaurant, to summon our friendly waiter to our table.


Anyway, I tried to see if I could get my hands on an actual, physical menu, and I came to learn that actual menus are no longer a thing, but he could “print me out one if I really needed it”, with the emphasis being on “need”, and the point being that he’d rather not do it if he didn’t have to.

After a few minutes had passed, however, our waiter came back with our drinks and our fried calamari, and he could see that I was still frustratingly struggling with something, so he finally capitulated and decided to just bring me the dang menu, which was some sort of PDF file printed on two pieces of plain old office copy paper and stapled together.


And then it dawned on me.

It was genius!

The menu, that is.

Not me.

I’d say that I was an idiot, but since I’ve already digressed once in this article, I won’t say that.

Here’s the thing: The price of vegetables is skyrocketing, and I’m pretty sure restaurants use a lot of those, the price of grains is skyrocketing, and I’m pretty sure you need a bunch of those if you’re brewing your own beer, and the price of everything else is skyrocketing, including the price of meat, which I’m also pretty sure is used quite heavily in restaurants.

Furthermore, adding to the challenge of food price inflation is the fact that some things are skyrocketing in price for seemingly no apparent reason, some things are skyrocketing in price on a short term basis until prices come crashing right back down to earth, and some things are skyrocketing in price and just keep on skyrocketing, all the while the restaurants are serving less customers than before, compliments of the brute force of governmental totalitarianism during the lab-grown and Deep State Globalist dispersed Zombie Apocalypse, so the general costs of doing business are also skyrocketing, which includes things such as the prices of labor, paper products, cleaning supplies, equipment, liability insurance, health insurance, government imposed fees, and so on, and so forth.

That is to say, if we want to know what the “new normal” will be like, it is highly price inflationary, and so much so, that gone are the days of good old-fashioned, plastic laminated menus with fixed prices permanently printed on the menus themselves.

That’s right folks, because in an era where one or more things on the menu are actually not available, or no longer available, which happens a lot more than one would think, with every passing week, a restaurant with traditional style laminated menus is losing money, big time, and, quite frankly, if the restaurant tries to keep up, yet continues to use the same old laminated menus, the customers will wonder what in the heck is going on if every single price on the menu is crossed-out and re-written by hand with permanent marker!


And the handwritten prices won’t be lower.

Oh no.

These prices are on a one way street, and it ain’t called “Easy Street”!

In other words, it is clear that prices are rising fast, and this weekend, I found myself eating at a restaurant that was adapting to this new reality.

Said differently, if inflation is running rampant, which it is, then the restaurant is adjusting its prices on the fly, and updating its prices in one centralized spot, and, as such, customers see the current price, even if the customer doesn’t think about it in that sense.

And if a person doesn’t have a smartphone, especially a smartphone with a QR Code Reader, and said person just so happens to be in a place with poor cellphone service and crappy WIFI, the restaurant employees will begrudgingly print out a menu, on demand, and in doing so, the employees simply print out as many up-to-date menus as needed, which in our case was one.

For me.

It screwed me up, too, in that my family was pretty darn hungry and ready to order, yet I had not even seen the menu at that point, and therefore, I made a hasty, rushed decision, and in hindsight, I wish I would have ordered something different.

Oh well.

Such is my luck.


Here’s the point: When “static prices”, for lack of a better term, are no longer a thing in restaurants, much less is the static pricing on traditional, plastic laminated menus a thing, the restaurant develops dynamic, on-the-fly pricing capabilities through a back-end web-based application or something, which is updated in real-time, and the customer, theoretically, but not really, or at least arguably, will have a good user experience with the menu on the front-end, including the ability to tap and scroll through the menu to see the items in full color with highly detailed pictures and descriptions, including the ability to order food right from one’s phone, and including the ability to pay right from the phone itself, and this development is just one single example that the hyperinflationary crack-up boom is here, or near, and this development is all being done, knowingly or unknowingly, conveniently under the guise of evolving technology.

Needless to say, we saved our plastic straws.

Pretty soon, they won’t be freely handing those out, either.

Of course, they’ll all say they’re doing their part to protect the environment.

Really, they’ll be doing whatever they can to survive.

We’re way past the point of coming up with a plan to deal with all of this inflation:

Smart people have already been executing their plans.

For now, at least, we still have some time with regards to pain at the pump:

That pain is coming, however.

Which means the stock market is looking less and less like it will have a major crash:

It’s not rocket science, or even skill, but rather, basic math.

Of course, fear takes on a new meaning in a hyperinflation:

Because people think they’re protecting themselves with their dollar-based paper investments, but sadly, the very same people who think they’re protecting themselves from inflation by being in the stock market, or having a pension fund, or a retirement account, or a bunch of unbacked “crypto” “currency”, or whatever, when there is nothing real to purchase with all of those hyperinflated gains, those people will get totally wiped out by this corrupted, bastardized financial system.

The same goes for the It Will Never Happen Here Club:

But we’re not special, and not only is it going to happen here, but Americans in particular will be the most devastated.

I actually have some US Government bonds on physical paper:

Since the hoops you have to go through to cash one of those suckers in is such a pain in the butt, however, and since pretty soon cashing them in won’t even really be worth it, perhaps I should get them framed and hang them on a wall or something?





There is a ton of excitement regarding gold and especially silver this week:

Is this the week we finally begin to recouple?

I wonder if the US is charging gold for all of the supplies we’re supposedly now sending to India:

Is that better than the US blowing up things and killing people to get the gold?

If you think the Cartel is desperate for gold, then wait until the desperation is obvious in silver:

We’re not there just yet, but we’re getting close, and for those Silver Bugs, Stackers and other Smart Investors who are willing and able to wait it out, the rewards will be life-changing.

Thanks for reading.

Stack accordingly,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart