Q’s Posts Running Full Steam Ahead: Gold To Destroy Fed, Televised Military Tribunals Coming

Sit back and get ready for the evidence to be presented…

submitted by J. Johnson via JS Mineset

Great and Wonderful Monday Morning Folks,

     June Gold’s price is close to the London low with the trade at $1,702.30 down $11.80 after hitting the low price of $1,695.20 before the bounce, with the high so far at $1,713.80. Silver is also doing the London dip with the trade at $15.605 down 17.3 cents and recovering from its low at $15.510 with the high so far at $15.92. The US Dollar is still parring around with the trade at 100.135, up 36.6 points-of-print and right close to the London high at 100.175 with the low that should be much lower at 99.690. Of course, all this can only happen overseas, when we’re asleep, before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and after the president of Mexico asked Trump questions about Obama and his group of Fast and Furious deflectors.

      In Venezuela, where Maduro’s drug runners are claiming we are the drug dealers and they are victims, and are now saying so in a fast and furious way, has Gold’s starting price for the week at 17,001.72 Bolivar showing a loss of 222.70 from Friday morning’s post with Silver at 155.855 Bolivar losing 1.758. Argentina’s Peso has Gold priced at 114,438.20 showing a Monday morning pullback of 1,300.88 Peso’s with Silver losing 8.7 Peso’s with the price at 1,048.93. The Turkish Lira’s pullback price for Gold is now at 12,047.15 Lira down 227.38 with Silver now at 110.441 losing only 1.736 T-Lira’s.

      May Silver’s Delivery Demands are now registered at 1,992 fully paid for contracts waiting for receipts and with no trades or Volume posted so far this morning. This proves a 4 point drop in the delivery count from Friday’s trading range between $15.80 and $15.50 with the last purchase at $15.555 and an adjusted close at up at $15.740 with a final Volume of 59. If it wasn’t for the allowance of more liquidity into the markets, Silver prices would be substantially higher than they are now as the Open Interest gained another 1,174 short contracts bringing the total to 138,257 Overnighters that keeping the prices controlled (for now).

      May Gold’s Delivery Demands are now at 2,383 fully paid for contracts and with a Volume of 647 up on the board with a trading range between $1,704.50 and $1,702.30 with the last purchase at $1,704 down $5.90 from Fridays close while the rest of the papers controlling the price is pushing the futures value much lower than they should be. Friday’s total Volume inside the delivery system reached 330 within a trading range between $1,728.90 and $1,703.80 with the adjusted close at $1,709.90 and reducing the Physical Demand Count by 994 contracts. Gold’s Overall Open Interest lost 3,575 Obligations with the total count now at 500,964 Overnighter’s as we wait it out.

      Q’s posts are still running full steam ahead as Obama and his anointed team seem to be the only ones the media allows to speak to defend their past actions. At this point, none of their televised interviews will matter anymore (imo) because we are heading towards a military tribunal as Q Post #4196 brings forth a time lined list of accusations made by the characters in the play who tried to remove a legally elected president. Please read the Q post and consider how long this is going to take in a televised military court room setting, as the evidence strips away the façade the media and this team of unelected henchmen and women created.

      When I was a kid, Mom and Dad made sure everyone was at home in time to watch the Watergate hearings in its entirety. The family unit made sure, dinner was served, dishes were cleaned, and everyone was sitting in front of the television every night, before the evidence was presented with the exception of the still missing 18.5 minutes of Nixon taped recordings. We watched all the way to the ending including that famous televised statement “I Am Not A Crook” which had little or nothing to do with the original accusations (a break-in, not stealing money). Let us consider what this elected official has done back in his day. He removed us from the Gold Standard and put us onto the Petro Dollar and he also opened the door to trading with China. Moving forward we now have an accused former candidate that seems to be channeling Chairman Mao in a pant suite. With Joe Biden being the one that the pant suite princess has endorsed to represent the DNC. Why the DNC supporters are not screaming that they should be the ones allowed to bring in a candidate via a majority vote, is beyond me.

      As we move forward, nothing will change the future direction of precious metals as the world gathers around, once again, to see the who/what/when/why/where of it all. As a reminder, Q posted back in 12/12/18 Yes. Gold shall destroy FED. How big is the meaning behind the word FED? Does it also include the removal of the Petro Dollar and bringing back the Gold standard? Let the future unfold as we observe and ponder it all. So, sit back and get ready for the evidence to be presented and hold on tight to the real, as things become clearer. Keep the faith, and have a smile on the face, and as always …

Stay Strong!

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