PSY-OP ALERT: Jesus Campos “Crossing Into Mexico” Is ALL WRONG

We know how it’s wrong, but why is this ‘news’ coming out? What is coming to the U.S. that somebody doesn’t want the public thinking of bugging-out?

Look, here’s the thing about crossing into Mexico, directly from our inside source on the ground who actively crosses into Mexico by car on the regular.

There are tons tons of cameras everywhere filming every car.

The easiest way to resolve this story is to just show Campos driving into Mexico.

But alas, must be highly sensitive and/or classified.

Here’s the process crossing into Mexico:

The traffic bottle-necks and all cars go very slow. Plus there are a number of speed-bumps and other traffic control measures.

That is getting from the U.S. en route to what would be called a type of “no man’s land” between the borders. First leaving U.S., then in international territory between nations, then entering in the Mexican side.

U.S. officials do not check “paperwork” when somebody drives across the border from the U.S. into Mexico. Our inside source says he has crossed the border in various cars over 100 times, and never once was he ever “checked”.

Cars are filmed leaving the U.S, and yes, there are federal agents there who could stop somebody leaving, but in practice, it does not happen. Holding up one single car just five minutes would cause hours and hours of delay and would seriously render that crossing ineffective for several hours.

When leaving the buffer zone (no man’s land) between the two borders, cars are then either required to stop and declare anything with Mexican customs, but most likely, if there is nothing to declare, which is the case of most cars, then the vehicles coming from the U.S. just drive in.

Granted, there are traffic control measures again going in, so traffic bottlenecks.

But there is no Mexican officials checking passports or IDs or anything. You just drive right int from border to border and don’t show anybody on either side any paperwork. You don’t even talk to anybody.

Now, when driving into Mexico from the border, there is a randomized “red light, green light” type of signal. Each car that passes either gets a red light or a green light. If the light is green, you simply keep on driving and you are inside Mexico.

If the light is red, you are supposed to pull over to the side to get “inspected”.

If the crossing is busy and there are more “red lights” going off than people to inspect cars, of sometimes by just playing dumb, our boots on the ground contact says that cars can sometimes just keep driving and nothing happens. our contact says that he has done that a few times.

Now the inspection itself consists of a Mexican federal agent coming up to you window, saying “hola”, as you roll down your window, asking to open the back door (if it’s a for door) and having you pop the trunk. The Mexican official then walks to the back, opens the trunk, looks for a split second for who knows what, shuts the trunk, and then you are on your way. The whole “inspection” process of the car only going into Mexico takes all of 20 seconds.

But never do they even ask to see any paperwork at all.

You might get a red light 25% of the time, but it’s not inconvenient and nothing thorough.

So that is it friends.

Besides the thousands of cameras from a distance and just a few feet from every car leaving the U.S. at the border, which would easily solve this Jesus Campos thing, there is absolutely no check of any documentation leaving the U.S. and driving into Mexico.

On the way back, there is a check by the U.S.

But leaving, there is absolutely no way to know if anybody at all has left the country by car. Perhaps if there is a B.O.L.O, then yes.

But here’s the real quesiton:

Why is this news today, and why is it completely wrong as far as what happens at the border?

Of course, this is totally wild speculation, but:

Is something about to happen in the U.S. that the government does not want people fleeing south of the border by planting this story about the “checks” involved in leaving the country which don’t even exist?

Jesus Campos on Ellen

It doesn’t make sense that this story has anything to do with Trump’s Wall, because that is designed to keep people out, not to keep people from getting out, right?

One explanation is that it’s a psyop designed to get legislation enacted so that people leaving the border by car to have to show ID/documentation.

And that would be another step towards ushering in the total surveillance American police state.

Stack accordingly…