Trump Just Called For Hyperinflation Of The Dollar, Yet He’ll Name A Gold Standard Gal For The Fed?

President Trump just called for hyperinflation of the dollar, yet rumors abound he’ll nominate a sound money advocate for the Fed. Let’s sort this all out…

Update 1:

Tweet in question about Trump’s call to hyper-inflate the US dollar:

The key words being “pumping money”.

And here’s the gold standard advocate Trump may be considering in nominating for the Fed:

And we’ve got a theory about that rumor.

In this week’s Silver Doctors Live, we get into those topics and a whole lot more!


Editor’s Note: Technical difficulties with today’s show, so this one’s in two parts, but thanks to Mike’s quick reflexes and fast problem solving skills, within minutes we were able to overcome the difficulties to bring listeners all of the most important, up-to-date analysis of the news.


Mike Manwell and Half Dollar of Silver Doctors go live at high noon.

Check it out right here:

Lots of great topics to discuss today, which may include:

  • Bitcoin’s rally
  • The trade wars
  • War with Iran risks increasing
  • The Fed (Trump’s next choice, saving the markets, and more!)

Why may we include those topics?

Because nothing is stage or scripted!

Not even the technical difficulties, which is why today’s show has two parts.

Here’s Part II:

Thanks for tuning in!


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