“Protests” Turn Violent And Deadly (Again) – The More Market Rigging, Manipulation And Intervention By The Fed & Federal Govt To Prop-Up “Markets” Of Their Choosing, The Worse It Will Get

Until market forces are allowed to happen, or can no longer be ‘managed’, the violent destruction of Main Street will only worsen. Here’s why…

(by Half Dollar) A lot of people are trying to make sense of the violence and civil unrest on Main Street.

It is getting pretty nasty out there:

It has barely just begun.

Soon, people on all sides will shoot first and ask questions later.

Yet it’s so utterly simple, really: Our money is no longer Constitutional, honest money, but rather, it’s totally corrupted by the Fed and our elected political “leaders”.

Here’s just one tiny example of the effects of this corruption on Main Street from just one sector – housing: The average cost of a house in 1960 was two times average annual wages, but what is the average cost of a house today compared to today’s average annual wages?

Spoiler: The cost is at least five times average annual wages, and that’s just one cost from one single sector.

You see, by the Fed & Federal Government disregarding the US Constitution’s requirement for a bi-metallic Gold & Silver Standard, and by refusing to allow natural market forces to happen, there is a great divide between the haves and the have-nots.

And we’re at the point where we see that the first of the have-nots have nothing to lose.

In a free e-book from 2016/2017 which I wrote that nobody ever read, I said this:

There is no revolution going on or underway in the United States. We are not at that point. Yet. In a revolution, people have to die. On our streets, lots of people will die. Sadly, we will all be losers since we brought this on ourselves. It will be a sad day in America when it comes to the point where no other solution can be achieved except for violence. If we get to that point, look to the blood in the streets. The quantity and freshness of the blood should be a good indicator, letting us know if the worst is behind us, or if the worst is yet to come. You may consider this period in America right now as a period of national soul searching. To say we are in the calm before the storm would be an insult to Mother Nature. So let’s not go there. Let’s just say we must all take a step back, take a deep breath, and think this through. Understand what you are searching for. Do you understand the one overwhelming problem that is bringing us to our knees? Do your realize that many people are indeed waking up to this reality, especially since the 2016 elections, and every single day more and more people wake up? Do you realize that many of your fellow Americans have had enough of this crap, and they are not going to take it much longer?

Suffice to say, the blood on the streets has barely even started.

It will get worse, because quite frankly, Americans are content with fighting amongst ourselves for every single last crumb, and that fight includes the artificial propping up of retirement systems, pension systems, housing prices, the stock market and more, along with the suppression of gold & silver.

Nobody is willing to sacrifice one single crumb, yet it’s each person’s own fault for falling for the lies the Fed and elected “leaders” sold them, (posh retirement plans, stocks only go up forever, record high home prices that only go up, etc).

Since so many people are pushing to continue on in the same corrupt ways as the last several decades, that is, actively keeping the bubbles inflated instead of allowing natural market forces, which would be best for the very survival of America, we will destroy ourselves from within.

China, Russia, and the next Enemy Du Jour are no match for our own internal destruction.

Here’s when it gets real bad: When it’s no longer the younger generations in the streets, but rather, when Generation X comes down with acute economic misery and financial ruin.

Once Generation X has nothing to lose, they’ll lose it, and then the really nasty violence begins.

You do not want to be on the streets when Generation X snaps.

This could all end if the Fed and the Federal Government would do the right thing and simply allow market forces to do their thing, so Generation X and the younger generations actually had purpose in their lives and a shot at success instead of continually getting the shaft while entrenched interests press-on.

I doubt, however, the Fed and the Federal Government will do the right thing.

History tells us that natural market forces always do come back, however.

In our case, only after deep pain on Main Street.

Dang shame…