Protesters Storm Capitol Barricades, Feds Go Into LOCKDOWN, Mike Pence “Taken To Undisclosed Location”!

On a day that would normally be a lesson in how to rubber stamp, we’ve got bomb threats, Pence escorted out of the capitol, tear gas and more…

(by Half Dollar) I’ve had the electoral college certification objection “debate” on and off today, and quite frankly, other than some dog-n-pony show theatrics, it’s kind of hard to listen to a bunch of corrupt traitors elected leaders talking about the fine, upstanding job they’re doing at destroying defending the Constitution.

I mean, let’s be real here: Hero of the Day, Ted Cruz, is just as corrupt and rotten as the rest of them.

Or whoever the Hero of the Day is.

But I digress.

They’re in recess now, thank goodness because I was starting to feel nauseous.

What is more interesting, however, is what has been unfolding on the streets of DC, along with the various plot twists.

And to think, it’s not even dark yet.


Here’s more, from USA Today:

The House and Senate recessed from their session to count state-certified Electoral College votes as protesters breached the Capitol and the building locked down. Vice President Mike Pence has been taken to an undisclosed, secure location, according to a source familiar with the situation but not authorized to speak publicly.

A notice from Capitol Police sent to all Capitol staff warned them of an “internal security threat” and told them to shelter in their offices and stay away from windows. Lawmakers posted messages urging protesters to be peaceful, and reporters inside the Capitol shared videos of protesters wandering the halls of the Capitol looking for lawmakers to confront about the electoral votes.

Here’s a live-stream of coverage, via NBC News

Fox News is even reporting on a “bomb threat”:

There were chaotic scenes outside the Capitol while lawmakers certify the Electoral College votes on Wednesday after protests erupted and two buildings were briefly evacuated by U.S. Capitol Police because of a purported bomb threat. 

Here’s some interesting Indy coverage featuring multiple cameras and apparently multiple cities, live:

Trump is not pleased:

And now that things are escalating rapidly, he’s calling for peace: