Press War! U.S. & China Engaged In Active Press War, Alternative-Media In The Crosshairs

The Press War has just begun as neither government is letting the Covid-19 crisis go to waste…

(Silver Doctors EditorsTrade war?


Biological War?


Press War?

Has started.

Just when you thought we couldn’t simultaneously fight any more wars against China, the newest war has begun.

Presenting The Press War (or the latest iteration of it anyway)!

It began today with China firing the first shot by revoking the press credentials of three MSM correspondents:

Here’s CNBC’s Eunice Yoon:

Do you even get butt hurt, bro?

Nonetheless, the United States has retaliated.

From Politico:

The Trump administration will require five Chinese state-run media organizations to register their personnel and property with the U.S. government, granting them a designation akin to diplomatic entities.

The five organizations affected are Xinhua News Agency; China Global Television Network, previously known as CCTV; China Radio International; the parent company of China Daily newspaper; and the parent company of The People’s Daily newspaper. All five meet the definitions of “foreign missions” under the Foreign Missions Act, according to the State Department.

At the time of this writing, there is no press release about this on

Why does it matter for the alternative-media?

Because above all, it appears as if both the US and Chinese governments are consolidating the power of the press and turning it into something more Orwellian than it already is.

The message is, albeit implicit right now, that the alternative-media better tow the official government line in the country where they reside because the alternative-media is now considered a rogue mercenary faction, and a hostile one at that, whether the consideration is true or not, because if the alternative-media exposes or calls into question anything regarding the home government’s official narrative, well now.

Neither totalitarian government will stand for that, will they?

Neither the authoritarian, communist flavor Chinese government.

Nor the corrupt, crony-capitalist flavor American government.

Governments never let a good crisis go to waste, Covid-19 included.

Oh yeah, and jut a little friendly reminder of what the US federal government in particular is actively preparing for right now regarding this crisis:


It’s guerrilla warfare in more ways that one.