Coronavirus Task Force: “Sentinel Surveillance Sites” Will Be Used To Detect Asymptomatic Carriers

Set-up to be able to distinguish and find asymptomatic individuals…

Update: The Coronavirus Task Force’s Debora Birx has laid out some interesting Power Point slides in today’s Coronavirus Task Force press briefing, which, in part, include guidelines for “Phase One”.

Phase one includes “gating” and “sentinel surveillance”, among other things.

Who’s going to be doing those things?

The slide shows it’s the the responsibility of the “State”:

Although Birx discusses it using “we” a lot, meaning the Federal government will be involved if not taking the lead role in all of this.



(Silver Doctors Editors) President Trump is unveiling his plan to re-open America.

See it on The White House YouTube Channel at 6:00 p.m. EST, however, these press briefings notoriously start late, and for now, all The White House has provided is the embed of the Coronavirus Task Force Meeting (scheduled for 5:00 p.m. EST):

We’ll make sure to re-embed the correct video if necessary.

In the meantime, some Governors aren’t waiting for the plan, but rather, coming up with their own plans.

For example, Governors in the Midwest have announced a type of “partnership” to reopen the regional economy: