President Trump Unloads His Post-FOMC Fury On Jerome Powell And The Fed

If “China is not our problem”, doesn’t that mean Powell is a bigger enemy than Xi, as Trump recently asked?

It didn’t take long for the post-FOMC Fury to come out:

If you understand the concept of “Deep State in Patriot’s Clothing”, this was easy to see coming.

You see, there has been nothing new out of the CIA’s tightly controlled hollywood for some time, and as such:

NOTE TO DEEP STATE: Stop being so non-stop buddy-buddy in hollywood, and perhaps you can get some creativity back?

Anyway, we now have the answer to the question!

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, what question are you talking about?”.

Good question.

The only question President Trump asked a while back:

If China is not our problem, but the Fed is, then Powell is the bigger enemy.

So, let me see if I am understanding the President correctly here.

Call Powell a big enemy using a personal Twitter account.

While you’re “Commander in Chief” of the military.

People say a Civil War is coming to America.

It’s not just the lunatic left provoking it.

Or am I missing something here?

Regardless, Trump’s back!

To a “Weak Dollar Guy”.

Devaluation looms.

The hit’s coming.

To the dollar.




Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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